Monday, February 2, 2009

eat skull/ganglians split 7"

That's not the cover to this by any means, it's courtesy google image search, but this split should be amazing. Any single by Eat Skull is definitely worth searching out, and these two tracks I haven't been able to find on anything else so that's extra...I don't need to tell you.
I've been listening to the Ganglians myspace to hear what they are all about. It's a chorus of voices, a lot of echo, some electronics of the messed up cheap variety, or toy pianos. It's far away...a little underwater. A lot of noise and yelling, a garage a thon, sounds recorded live in that way that most live stuff doesn't come close to
Then a song like The Void is really quiet acoustic, a hazy, slow number...there's no stencil sound. Can't wait to hear this.
They have played with Eat Skull, the name it, they run with the usual suspects and it would be great to catch them live with either.

Eat Skull myspace says:

eat skull/ganglians split available from dulc-i-tone now (not us!!!)



Eat Skull does:
Double Wasted
Leave the Universe

Ganglians do:
Lost Words

Some other distro says:
EAT SKULL / GANGLIANS split 7" (Dulc-i-Tone Records TT 011) $4.00 plus shipping
FINALLY! At first listen, you might find this an odd pairing, but soon it will make sense why the 'Skull has taken GANGLIANS on tour multiple times. Deep down beneath the thin layer of nego-scuzz, Eat Skull share's Ganglians knack for great damaged pop. Two songs from Eat Skull's Sick to Death sessions - one a quick punk sprinter, the other a woozy pop epic. Ganglians make their vinyl debut with an undeniable hit in 'Lost Words'. Great stoned-strum-pop goodness.

From yakamishi records (Dulc-i-tone). The paypal plus shipping is a little complicated but basically if you want this single it will run you about 7.50...not bad at all.

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