Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Private entertainment on White Denim records

Russain Electronics? I'm tempted to give it an endorsement just based on that. Who doesn't want to know what the hell is happening in the Russian post minimal electro scene...

It's pretty dark, let me tell you. Not Blank Dogs, Dead Luke or Intelligence dark...it's a different kind of depression...a stark, real throwback to another era. An era of a few sounds that were so alien, it was all you needed to build a song around. There's nothing going on, but a robotic melody and two buttons on a drum machine...no tempo control.
Almost faithfully recreating a minimalist scene from the kraftwerk era German pop front. It makes sense that this would be coming out if Russia. I can't get past that. It's about time someone made my romantic vision of Russian indie electronics a reality.
Their cover of 'That's entertainment' is not only appropriate, but just feeding the vision I have in my head of a drug torn, gangster, icy, days of darkness, bleak russia.... siberian russia...north pole russia. These are the last few electronics that still work...it's too cold for anything else. The performers can barely move, it makes the beats/melodies practically hyptnotic...it's so metronome, you can't even hear it anymore.
The vocals are all echo, or a robot swapping back and forth. The sounds themselves are hard...not the upside down 'V' of attack and decay but an upside down 'U'....the sound of nothing and then SOUND.
They would tour with Cold Cave....I bet.

$5 from White Denim..this is a steal considering the miles traveled to get this one made.

Private Entertainment
four tracks 7"
(white denim 2008)

a1. flowers
a2. he's dancing in my belly
b1. the dream
b2. emission

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