Monday, February 9, 2009

The fresh and onlys on Chuffed records

Mike Sniper Endorsed, I think Blank Dogs is actually playing a few shows with I went over to The fresh and onlys myspace to check them out.
It's definitely sounding very 60's, I can imagine a lot of zooming in and out in the video, it's uptempo and there's a lot of lady backing vocals...very zombie-esque
The vocal quality is kind of happy Lou Reed...they might be working in that Velvet area of trying to write a pop song like 'Sunday Morning' and coming out a weird kind of genius. Theres a 4-track version of 'Be my Hooker' that captures the best things about some music around that era. A really loud vocal echo...this could be on the Easy Rider soundtrack. During some kind of trippy campfire freakout scene. Makes perfect sense coming out of San Francisco and that they are playing a lot with thee oh sees, I've been listening to recently.

Imaginary Friends
Our first release is here. A 4 song 7" ep on Kelley Stoltz's Chuffed Records. The songs are Imaginary Friends/Come Dance With Me on the A-Side and Endless Love/Priceless on the B-Side. Only 300 pressed. Write us or if you want one.
Get Chuffed!

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