Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wavves! on Fat Possum

This just in!
Saw the Wavves and Nodzzz at Underground Lounge this weekend...I'm actually working on a review of the Nodzzz, so I can post the audio, which came out great. Wavves was amazing, I know there's a lot of backlash because he's blowing up Vivian Girls style, and that can be annoying but get over it. Are we just going to only talk about bands from the 70's nobody knows about? And god forbid too many people know about a band or they're fucking ruined? Fuck that Wavves is great, see Nathan live, there is something amazing going on there...I'll be the asshole that gives everything a chance, unless it's blatantly derrivitive or sucky.
I have to say that was a great little space at Underground Lounge with the bands amps up front and the PA behind you. It ended up being a nice mix, and it was the afternoon so the crowd was super quiet...all 40 of us jammed into a back room, dead silent...the size of parkside lounge's back space or something.

Anyway, Wavves was selling some kind of tour single, but they sold out by the end of the Underground show and then on Terminal Boredom, Fat Possum announced if you purchase the digital full length self titled then you would get a colored limited copy of the above pictured single.
That's great but I guess who knows if you actually order in time or how it's getting sent etc, so then I found that Floridas Dying had the single for $5, but that sold out before I could finish this post.
Lat chance copies are at Goner ...otherwise take your chances on being the 1st 300 at FP.

Good Luck.
Wavves show coming as Friday's podcast.


  1. I thought Wavves was the best of the night at Market Hotel last Friday. The Underground sounds like a much better environment, though. Market Hotel was a zoo.

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    The new LP is disappointing, but I'll gladly take any 7" I can get by him. I did the digital download thing and now I'm getting one of those fancy colored 7"s.

    Though on the other hand I think these two tracks are already on LPs. I'm sucker for Wavves, I guess.

  3. This one on Fat Possum? The Self titled woodsist one is great...a couple filler songs but once it gets going it's like the best no age stuff easily.

  4. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Actually, I take it back. I heard the old leaked version, but this new digital download has a different track list, with more tracks. The extra tracks definitely make the LP worth it.

    I'm not so disappointed anymore.

  5. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Saw him at LAMC, was an awesome set, as well as show in general, grabbed one of the 7in from Fat Possum, green vinyl, pretty damn sweet and while i dig Wavves i can't wait for Wavvves. woods new album is going to be awesome to. haters gon' hate.

  6. Nice...I'm waiting for them to announce the LP and I'm definitely going for it. 7" or no 7". Yes. I said it.