Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Great pop Supplement - NEW

2 new ones from The Great Pop Supplement...I haven't been able to bring myself to order from them lately..I keep waiting to have one massive order and combine all the shipping into one big shipment I feel ok about...not that everything isn't worth hearing, but with the amount of 7" vinyl being pressed lately from stuff I have to hear...I'm cutting back on those chance things.
These two are a perfect example of the curve balls being thrown by GPS.
Beach Fuzz is really massive feedbacking sine waves ...echo, what sounds like free jazz, psyche..some of these noises might be made with vocals, it's really being manipulated...played if you will. At times sounding like a heavily manipulated voice, or a bent/slide guitar, through a theremin? If you don't get it, it's just going to be insane noise on both sides, noise that you won't be able to will sound like nothing y0u have ever heard for better or worse.
They are playing all over upstate NY this month and not stepping foot in NYC...what! Are you kidding? Get a show down here already. Oh Wait.... Silentbarn on the 27th...well when you call it ridgewood, I tend to overlook it I don't know where the hell that it. Queens, on the otherhand I can figure out.
I thought I was going a little crazy.

Next single is from the see see, with Pete Greenwood...ok he had a single out a while back on GPS, so I think I know what this is going to be about...sounds about right. Kind of sing songy, like very english pop...classically influenced. Classically like 40 years ago...filtered through some kind of nineties thing...a little indie/country. Like the posies or something. I saw that 'Dig' sounds a little like that...kind of non descript historic pop. The other single a few months back i guess sold out in a week or so...this one might be gone as I write this....The exact opposite of Beach Fuzz...but that's why this label is so's not one note, one punchline. I don't know where it's going and I like it.

2 x new GPS 7s to start the year with, both poles apart in must be said- a real case of light and dark / chalk and cheese call it what you will....

first up GPS39 beach fuzz with 2 untitled drone / improv noise pieces. to borrow from elsewhere on the net, this kinda sums up the band better than i could given my lack of preparation in mailout here (dull day spent sleeving so i'll be a magpie on this one:) - "bowed, scraped and intuitively picked lap steel, wailing, echo drenched fuzz synth, percussion and spontaneously composed vocals" numbered pressing of 300 in fliptop style, yearling lined card.

next up is GPS41 the see see "keep your head". following last year's debut on the gps (300 that came and went in 4 days), the band follow that with a 2 trk passing nod to big star, the byrds and the buffalo springifeld. big things expected from this band featuring ex-members of the eighteenth day of may, the soledad brothers and pete greenwood of recent "sirens" heavenly lp and debut on gps fame. the band supported the raconteurs and jack white's rumoured to be a fan, although that and reported nme interest....mmm (that a good thing or not nowadays!?!)

anyway, both singles are £4.49 each (plus post) or:-

£10 for both with post included in the uk.
£11.50 for both elsewhere in the world.

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