Monday, February 16, 2009

The Soft Pack - Nightlfe on Caspian

This import release of 'Nightlife' on The Caspian Label must be to coincide with their tour over in it's about $9...not too bad if the b-side is unreleased...or new material. Needless to say it's been ordered.
Nightlife was always one of my favorites...especially after visiting LA and seeing them out there, it really fit that landscape. Matt's kind of deadpan delivery kills me everytime. 'Got nowhere to go / nothing to show/ so you're looking for some nightlife....let me go'. Just that age old quest for something better than here...something's got to be out there, let me go find it. I don't know that he ever does...the 2 min song just continues on and on day after day. Work and try to have fun, searching for what? It's endless. Soft pack becomes the nightlife by creating something about the lack of it. It's very Johnathan Richman...simple, classic themes, just a little dark in it's lightness.
The 'hey...hey!' at the end with this messed up synth chord is just this kind of admitting failure, this out of's time to go back to work.

Tom on termbo posted this info this afternoon, and I'm seriously grateful...I would have missed this completely.

The third Caspian label single is a very exciting addition to the series: For a band whose lineup has only really been cemented this year, The Soft Pack – formerly known as the Muslims – have already accomplished a breathtaking amount. Raised in San Diego but currently based in LA, the quartet, which features Matt Lamkin on vocals, co-founder Matty McLoughlin on guitar, David Lantzman on bass and Brian Hill on drums, create a fresh, razor-sharp, no-frills sound that draws in influences from acts as varied as the Stooges, Jonathan Richman, Wire and The Velvet Underground, resulting in fiercely infectious, stripped-down songs
Nightlife is their debut UK release and comes in the same exquisite white on white 7” sleeve, which is part of the series of 7 introductory caspian singles limited to 500 copies each.

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