Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kevin Boyer on What's your rupture?

This was emailed by
What's your rupture records a few days ago. A Tyvek solo 7" single and a new Fucked Up 12" is available for preorder, put them together, order now.
You know I just noticed this solo project by Kevin from Tyvek
is from 2003? Interesting choice...I'm assuming it's very similar to the Tyvek sound, maybe an early incarnation....and it pretty much is ... vocally it's a little smoother, a little sexier...YEA! Lets say clearer. A weird accompanyment to the garage boombox recording sound.
The drum sound is perfect, that low-fi in-the-room sound is so great...the quick side tapping on the rim of the snare but the dirty solos in between the verses makes this amazing... the unbelievable overdrive from the amp, kind of dinosaur jr. crunch. Extend that on a 12 minute track and I'll buy it...oh wait that's Boris. Excellent hook bleeding through the treble heavy scratches.
An Elvis Costello demo. (?)
That guy used to kick ass, I made the mistake of DVR-ing him on Austin City Limits recently...what the fuck happened?

CityCenter says:
Kevin Boyer "Something's Gonna Come Up" Me and Kevin (now frontman for Tyvek recorded this and many other jams in my basement at Wade's house in 2002. It was a cool fun project. A few weeks ago a dude came into my store and was like "I pressed a 45 of that stuff you and Kevin recorded way back. Not sure if it'll ever come out, but I have a test pressing." I remember once in Chicago me and Grace got in a fight because she was ripping on how bad the recording was without knowing I recorded it. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW???? Just playin. I think this song still sounds rad, though, and I hope the 45 sees the light of day sometime.

I think this must be the recording he's referring to in this mix. Don't be so hard on yourself CityCenter, have you heard the rest of his recordings? It might be a choice...or you inadvertently started all of shitgaze. Nice work.
Looks like Rupture picked it up and now you can go order it:

solo recording by Kevin Boyer, singer of tyvek from around 2003.

produced by Fred Thomas with the same blown out production style of his Sat Looks Good To Me and Teach Me Tiger Ypsilanti recordings.

Cover printed to give that classic serigraph look of the potent human or funboy five

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