Friday, February 13, 2009

Sacred Bones preorder special editions + podcast Ep 43 (wavvvvvves)

Gary War...I think I already missed his full length that came out on Shdwpy....(actually he just got back to me...the repress is available for $12)...this is mostly in line with the minimal dark low fi synth stuff I've been getting into lately. Dead Luke, SIDS, Blank Dogs...get in line guys...I can't get enough of this goth/synth/psyche avalanche.
They really can't release this stuff fast enough...more limited editions, cassettes that degrade after you play them, recorded over 8 track's flying off the shelves.
Gary and Mike Sniper even team up on another soon to be impossible to find project called 'Roman Soldiers'. That's a super group if I ever heard one.
It really sounds like these are all found recordings in some goodwill...someone at sacred bones stumbled on this suitcase full of tapes a few years ago and is slowly going to release them over the next few years.
I would believe that story. There would be no live shows, then someone would try to cover the songs to come up with new material...the mythology would go on forever.

There's a free download of Gary's Album here... but I'll be damned if I can figure out zshare or whatever the fuck, but it's also at Ongakubaka. Email gary directly (gregarywaratgmaildotcom) and get yourself an LP.

From Sacred Bones records
Side A: Zontag
Side B: Don’t Go Out Tonight

Sacred Bones presents the followup release to last year’s New Raytheonport full-length LP on Shdwply Records. Gary War’s keyboard and tape manipulations exist in the loner sphere somewhere between the Legendary Pink Dots’ keyboard driven take on UK psychedelia and current fellow travelers like the Pink Noise. Like the LPD or Ariel Pink (to whom he’s garnered comparisons since the debut LP release) the odd experimental arrangements and off-kilter instrumentation never stray very far from melancholy pop song structures rooted around a catchy hook and melody.

So excited to hear this one...I'm pulling out all ariel pink and Jandek....this is that 70's that I'll pretend existed instead of the shit one that did.

Pink Noise single can be preordered here.

Don't know too much about them, except everything I've been reading was all over Dream Code...thought I'd give this a try...there's two more I didn't know anything about so I let them seems like this past week everyones got a new release from something I want to hear...the 7" economy seems to be doing pretty well.

Limited Edition Screen-printed jacket with tipped-in photograph.
Pink Noise's MySpace
Side A: Gold Light
B: Prince Charlies Revenge

Canadian 2-piece The Pink Noise return for their second release on Sacred Bones. Last year’s Dream Code LP ended up topping most people's best of 2008 lists. Electronic and organic drumming with keys with staccato punk guitar blasts--think the Residents played through a Big Muff. A double sider of deranged bedroom punk that shames the dozens of one-man-bands hunched over a Tascam trying to make a cheap knockoff of the original. The record sounds like it was mastered through a boombox onto a thriftstore cassette. The Jerkwave cassette release, the previous 7-inch single, and their track on World’s Lousy (both on Almost Ready Records) are all long gone.

Here's the Wavves set from Underground Lounge as promised. Episode 43. (30min-mp3)
Just a few words...I just had a feeling watching Nathan that this wasn't the usual show of someone with some interesting sounds going on, some flavor of the minute...all hype and no substance....good for a sunday, put it on once in a while (like old skull) was a lot more... It could just be that kind of 'don't know any better' genius songwriting, unencumbered by everything going on, when you don't care where it fits into music, you don't care someone else sounds like that, uses that pedal, that your songs all sound the same...but that's what is so great about it. Sure he's young, and that's what makes it even better.

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