Friday, February 20, 2009

Silk Flowers on PPM records....Podcast!

So.... this apparently is the sleeve art for the second pressing of this single, the single was a fist through the mask...according to their blog.
I have to say, I'm happy to add each and every band to my google reader rather then get it second hand from some news site that just barfs back every PR release...hear it from the people themselves, every mundane detail. Every limited release.
'Night Shades' starts out sounding a little bit like the soundtrack music they came up with for Steve Zizzou's science films in Life Aquatic..... really upbeat, keyboard...that's's like a little 'free use' or 'copyright free' sounding...repeating, droning beeps in a little melodic the beginning of stereolab skipping.
It's pretty cleanly recorded, which is always a nice change...not to say you can't do that if you really think it adds to the overall texture of the sound, but there is inevitably going to be an immediate judgement that goes along with it, BE AWARE. None of that baggage here. That being said, there are some pretty weird interesting manipulated sounds...a kind of metal ball bearing bouncing on marble sound, that eventually ends up sounding like a huge sea of Cicada...all happening on top of that slightly cheesy instrumental heavily synthed thing going on. Another track has really high pitch/computer vocals happening on top of the main sung lyric...just plain weird...I don't know where Silk Flowers are coming from exactly...they can't be accused of following along with anyone.

They are playing tomorrow night at the 92nd Street Y, I'm going to see if I have any reason to be down in Tribeca.

New epic east coasters now fill the seat of "newcomer" to the PPM rodeo show. SILK FLOWERS is the sound you get when you take two friends from the band SOILED MATTRESS AND THE SPRINGS and another friend from CAR CLUTCH and CORPSE KISSER and mix them all up and give a good shake. Sort of borders the line of KRAFTWERK on a four-track meets cough / cool era MISFITS... i know that sounds insane, and it is! Expect new jams coming in February in the form of a 7" and also expect a new full length in the spring time. ART ART AWAY.

$6 From Post Present Medium

Back to Matt and I hanging out...picking up where we left off....
The Matt saga continues...randomly selecting 7 inches out of a pile and making fun of them. We play the new Dave Bazan...everyone hates it. I really try to make a case for him but Matt keeps me honest. It is depressing, I can't lie. Next up Nodzzz 'I don't wanna smoke marijuana', (we like to drink)...Matt approves?!!? Maybe he just likes saying the name. We of course discuss our drug use. It gets ruined by singing. Then the Wicked Awesomes...Matt confuses them with the Wicked Farleys. The cover is wicked awesome. We debate recording processes.
Thank you.

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