Monday, February 23, 2009

Catwalk - Past Afar EP on Yay records

There's nothing like a song that will kind of take me back to summer weekdays hanging out in my attic in my house during high school. Stretching the antenna around the room, out the window trying to get 90.5 'The only station that mattered' in Rochester 60 miles away to come in a little better.
Catwalk is slightly making me nostalgic for that time when I wasn't so aware of everything...anything new was interesting. It was kind of a level playing field. All the bands named at the top of the hour were equally important..I needed to find out everything about every single one.
If one of my friends mentioned them or had a tape in their collection, or I saw an album at the record store, that would be enough, I'd have to get it and really give it a chance.
You are so out of any kind of loop that you're willing to start anywhere.

Catwalk is just pop enough to keep listening to over and over but messing around with different sounds/timing that is so completely inspiring.
Partially they make it sound so easy, everyone should pick up an instrument and create something. I guess it has that really honest songwriting, I don't know that it's driven by a trend. It's a little shoegazy.... a little twee maybe? Maybe it's a West Coast response or similar thread of thought that's happening with the Vivian girls etc. Kind of returning to stripped down music...with heavy echo or reverb only. It's kind of late nineties Dump or Eric's Trip.

It reminds me
of the numerous bands on the radio every day then... half local bands, or just part of the 'alternative' thing that encompassed everything not on MTV...

There's an insane amount of chorus on these the Swirlies...or I'm even getting even a Silent Alliance kind of thing from them, but slower tempo and more of a live feel...or 4 instead of 24-track.

I'm just disappointed I already missed out on their first release...I'm a fan already.

From Yay records: These young popsters are back with another bag full of fun! Get ready for some more sparkly, shimmering guitars and coy harmonies. {Spring 2008}
Side A:
"Past Afar" Side
"Can't Believe"

I bought this immediately along with the Pam and Teri single:

PAM & TERI - Lucy (YAY!05)
Twee twins bringing fabulous fun to YAY! from Fillmore, CA. Simple yet oh-so-sweet, Pam and Teri Gartner sing about their cat Lucy !

Because songs about cats I can completely relate to and am a sucker for, as long as they don't cute it up too much..they're already starting out cute, and I'm on board don't have to sell it too hard or convince me.
Nice label overall.


  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Wow, two Rochester posts in a row. I do the same thing with 90.5 in my car when I get sick of my tapes and ipod. They still play some good music!

  2. Glad to hear they are still around...I swear there was a time they were playing Stone temple pilots and I wrote it off. The really sad part is there's not one station in NYC that even comes close to 90.5 when it was on....well maybe WFMU.

  3. Anonymous2:16 AM

    I love pretty much everything Yay! has put out. I'm really excited for that new Sea Lions 7 inch. The two songs I've heard from it makes me think it'll be another winner.