Thursday, March 26, 2009

black orphan on hozac records

Oh Electropunk, I can't get enough of you...I think SIDS started some kind of weird deep down need I had for 4 track electronic messes like this. Well, not exactly like this, just checking out their myspace, it's pretty guitar driven with tons of vocal phasers, a little distortion. There's a weird almost sebadoh feel to this stuff...maybe it's just the home recording or maybe it's the guitar base of tracks like 'Asteroids'.
'In the Dome' sounds exactly like my friend Tim laying shit down in the middle of the night and then having me over the next day 'You have to listen to this! I don't even remember writing it.' Ahhhh the days of being unaware of the internet of the insanely huge scene that was already taking shape in every corner of the country. Who knows what he might have come up with. A different myspace every day for a different solo project.
I like this, it's weird, guitar based blank dogs...because of the home recorded, a little off, a little electronic feel of this stuff.
What can I say, I'm a sucker for a weirdo trapped in a basement or attic with a 4 track and alcohol...or just bored out of his mind. It can really be gold.

Black Orphan
Video Kids
PS, US From the ominous depths of hell's inner circle, BLACK ORPHAN rises up & their slimey drooling of punk's primordial ooze seeps into every exposed pore on your body, languishing & writhing w/ emotional destitution. 4 ethereal tomes that decapitate, reverberate, & exacerbate the unruly demons that live deep in your mind, these songs allow you to walk through walls, see through clothing, & transcribe weird animalistic codes that only owls & sloths can truly understand.

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