Wednesday, March 25, 2009

brilliant colors on make a mess records

I actually ended up buying this single straight from Eric at the Nodzzz show at Underground Lounge, we had been emailing back and forth about a couple of his releases....the Traditional Fools LP, his first single from Nodzzz and not wanting to be too much of a weirdo I didn't hand him a business card or even introduce myself. I knew any single he was selling at the show....well, I had to have it and wouldn't be disappointed. I'm glad I did, this single from Brilliant Colors is great, I've been stuck on these low-fi melodies for days.
Brilliant Colors is in line with Nodzzz in the way that it's back to basics, straight up rock. Stripped down distorted solid melodies, with the old standby's: bass, guitar and drums.
It's reminding me of sonic youth's Kim Gordon tracks ('Not this one') or Love of Diagrams, maybe even Sleater Kinney, but with a smoother edge, less abrasive (minus Corin Tuckers high pitch scream vocals). Or at times it's even like the Yips...that Bonfire in a Dixie Cup album, sounding like it's the first take (the good one). Especially this 'I'm 16''s all attitude
I'm 16 / don't you try to teach me a thing
That pretty much sums it up. Surprisingly this doesn't come off insanely annoying or snotty in a Be Your Own Pet way, which seems effortless...they just have this kind of tempered classic indie-rock way about them. Still it's hard to pin them down...there's a lot of references they're drawing from, but still sounding original and definitive.
So glad I picked this's classic.

Get this straight from the source Make a Mess records or From Fusetron:

*Artist: BRILLIANT COLORS Title: Should I Tell You Im Sixteen Format: 7" Label: Make A Mess Country: USA Price: $6.50
"Influenced by New Zealand junk like the clean, the bats, and the chills interwoven with early nineties krecs like the female beat happening shit BRILLIANT COLORS infects your mind with fuzzy-female-catchy pop." -Make A Mess. Release soon on Mike Blank Dogs label??

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