Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Robs House - a few new ones

I'm a little on this one unfortunately, the demons claws single is already gone from Rob's House but the Personal & the Pizzas and Brimstone Howl are still available.

Just listening to the tracks from Personal now on their myspace and it's NJ greaser rock alright, they have a heavy Ramones influence at times or even Jay Reatard. Really specific classic songwriting, just a hint of distortion on the vocals...definitely sing a long worthy....like Cheap Time, but a slow ballad version. Aware of their influences and playing them up fully.

'I ain't taking you out' is really a Ramones outtake, and there are times I can't get enough of the Ramoes, this is really good, harmonies...the same vocal tremble, with a little tough accent. It's that contradiction that never gets old. Kind of a bad ass that can work out these really sweet melodies and changes....really really classic...this will never get old.
I don't feel so happy now is equally as strong and that's just the A-side! Damn I need to get this.

rhr051 // Personal & The Pizzas / Bobby Ubangi - Split 7" side a: i don't feel so happy now, i ain't taking you out. side b: that's alright, maybe. personal and the pizzas and bobby ubangi (ex-lids, gaye blades) team up and release the sappiest punk rock record known to man. i mean, these guys really got some balls to release something so sappy, but goddamn if its not some of the best shit fi budget rock since the fums unveiled 'you might get me'. if you've been looking for someone to fill that void these are the guys to do it.. [600 pressed; black vinyl]

rhr050 // Demon's Claws - Weird Ways b/w 9000 Feets demon's claws are one of the most dynamic combos to take the filthy route directly to your brain, and each live performance solidifies their earnest ambition to stomp their furious rock'n roll death trip into submission. their stumbling, rambling ways have lead folks down the darker side of americana-tinged blues-punk on more than one occasion. these two tracks come from the same recording session as the previous rob's house single, when the guys knocked out 12 songs, fully recorded in a single day. amazing! [500 pressed; black vinyl]


Brimstone Howl...well I guess you like these guys or you don't....they have a little too much honkey tonk, john spencer sound for my taste...like this weird rocking blues, that isn't really doing anything new, but Rob's House has their finger on the pulse of everything garage that's good, and I don't doubt people are going crazy for this.

rhr049 // Brimstone Howl - Mammon b/w Solitary Man brimstone howl are less of a band, and more an offensive attack. Unashamedly passionate about garage rock and gloriously dispassionate toward those who fail to recognise it as the feral noise of a caveman pounding wild boars with jagged granite. Mammon, the single's massive a-side, is a beautiful, multi-faceted, and most notably, mature track from one of the best non-shit-fi pigfuck garage bands around. Neil Diamond's Solitary Man backs this single, though its nothing like the original as Nick Cave vocals and dark closet production keep front-man John Ziegler firmly in check. [500 pressed; black vinyl]

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