Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yuppies / Noah's Arc was a spacecraft on Dutch Hall records

I think a lot of these 7" labels like Hozac, Sacred Bones, Tic Tac Totally have my attention because of their manic release schedule, I have to keep checking in on them at least once a week and see what their up to... half the time I'm just reposting something that's probably out there all over the place already. I admit I give them probably an inordinate amount of coverage here, but this single from Omaha's Dutch Hall came up while I was checking out some indie label's blog about demo cd-r's he's come across that were noteworthy.
Whoever was writing compared Noah's Ark was a Spacecraft to Lync, so I had to start the 7" investigation...the mere mention of lync's name sends me off once again ignoring work and searching myspaces and blogs for some new piece of the puzzle.

So Noah's Ark was a spaceship has a split with The Yuppies on Dutch Hall records.
Their track 'Flamingoes our Father' is growing on me everytime I have to hit 'continue listening to music' on stupid's an epic track, nearly seven minutes, running the complete range of rock. It rises back and forth between slow repetition...that kind of a breakdown instrumental part to all out rock assault with backup screaming and lead vocals distorting out in the mix. There's a little ATDI where he's yelling 'Flamingoes our father! Flamingoes our father! Stretch to remember.' That kind of stream of consciousness, weird association lyric shit I love especially when it starts to rock like hell.
It sounds like in this particular track there's no high end, the guitar just sounds really deep and kind of in the next room, but everything is mixed together's loose and kind of informal....they absolutely know what they are doing while letting go a little at the same time.

I'm trying not to hear too much else, just to see how I feel about them based on this one track but it's too late, I can't help myself and 'Constructing destruction' is a great track as well. I think what I end up liking about this so much is that kind of vulnerability.....sure it's all loud and ass kicking on first listen, but if it's only macho, I'm not interested...but there is a lync or cap'n jazz quality here, they are stumbling a little, taking chances, not following the usual path.

Go get their full length and an EP here via rapidshare, burn it for friends.

The Yuppies are The Yips as Noah's Ark is to Lync...super underproduced...I love that I didn't even notice this underlying hum until the song's like nothing was grounded or someone had something plugged in leanign up against the's unintelligable, screamed, complete with some nice changes but all recorded with a broken fisher price microphone. Half garage, half punk, but all without an aspiration to be the next big asshole, so I take it's that other kind of good time.

This is a great cross section (to me anyway) of Omaha and a couple of great bands out there right now you should be seeking out if you are anywhere near them. They make Brooklyn feel like there are better scenes going on right now and you're in the wrong place.

$5 From Dutch Hall Music

Yuppies/Noahs Ark Split 7 "

Dutch Hall Records 002 is almost here, slowly but surely. Hopefully by the end of the month Yuppies/ Noah's Ark Was a Spaceship split 7" will be ready. Tracks are as Follows

Yuppies - Side A:
1.) Leper Blood
2.) Need More Cream

Noah's Ark Was a Spaceship - Side B:
1.) Flamingo's Our Father

The limited edition screenprinted 7" sleeve pictured above is sold out. You and I are going to settle for the shitty xerox one!

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