Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Her Space Holiday on ruined potential records

I found this while looking around on the Ruined Potential site for the full length from A Sunny Day in Glasgow....the only thing I remember about Her Space Holiday is being part of a split series from Better Looking Records...what was in the series for $23? (That was 2003 money by the way) Two singles...that's right, that label that seemed like they had their shit together sent 2 singles...and some CD EP...I guess they think we're even? No fucking way. I'll never forget!
So Her Space Holiday, you'll forgive me if I hold you partially responsible, (no, that's not fair, I have to hold Album Leaf responsible, it was supposed to be a series of split singles with them)....

The cover photo is from this amazing documentary Streetwise, still not available on Netflix, I think I rented it at Kims's really in Portland in the 80's, drugs, hooking, squating...sick.

This is like folk / twee, I mean I like a wussy song every now and then with really sad sensitive bastard lyrics...but this is a little over the top...there aren't those levels of meaning with say.... Conner Oberst, or a singing style that sounds like the singer is going to break down and cry any second.
This sounds really produced and 'cute', that's not such a good thing in this case. In fact this song
Japanese Gum is practically offensive, I keep listening to it and it's killing me...I think this is the gist of it: A girl gives her 'love' away, he can't fix her she tells him something about how she just wants every boy who comes over to walk away happy.
That's not a cute sentiment...that's not even so anti-cute that it gets me either, it's kind of just obvious, rammed down your throat songwriting.

I could see this being a gateway for people just getting away from mainstream music for the first Badly Drawn Boy or something.

Oh well....
From Ruined Potential Records:

70g limited to 300 copies jackets all dedicated to Streetwise kids Rat, Tiny, and Dewayne in additions of 100. Each jacket hand numbered by either Marc or myself

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