Friday, April 10, 2009

Health on Lovepump united

Health's self titled EP was great in that I remember sitting down to listen to it and it was really inconsistent in a great way...a surprising way, the guitar sounds, weird screams, drumming. Somewhere between the Liars and These are Powers. Bordering on experimental no rhythm.
That's also why I guess it shouldn't surprise me that this single 'Die Slow' doesn't sound anything like what I liked or remember. This sounds like they are headed in an electronic Dan Deacon way, which is fine, a lot of artists are really working this kind of electronica dance Girl Talk sound and people are eating it up. I forget I saw them open for Crystal Castles after all.

It starts out with more great guitar based weirdo gated stuff and is really heavy. To the point it can't possibly be a guitar anymore....but then the danceline rhythm starts in and some etherial vocals and it's pure lazer show. It's a much bigger full, not at all challenging sound, it's heavily produced, but for me it could just get lost in that club world of nameles producers. It's unfortunate.

The B-Side is a remix, so you get the same thing but more lazers.

You can go listen to it directly from health here.
Or get it from Lovepump United

Health Die Slow
LPU024 0036172882472 7 Lovepump United 13/04/2009
Release date: APRIL 7TH 2009

Catalog #: LPU024
Format: 7"


Podcast, Episode 48....This week is from me and friend Dave M. hanging out, I talk about how lame I was when I was in LA and missed Wounded Lion, instead we listen to the single. We play Cheap Time, found at Amoeba, in LA then we talk about the one in San Francisco...then I play the Dodo's single from Wichita. We talk about ipods on repeat vs. 7"'s vs. full lengths vs. CD's. I think you know where I stand, but listen anyway.

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