Monday, April 13, 2009

Ghost Hospital from Teen Ape records

I wasn't expecting this at all...with a name like ghost anything I've been biased into thinking this is going to be some kind of messed up glitch synth project, but maybe I'm getting confused by TV Ghost. Instead these's some jangly indie phaser guitar-ing and tight snare kind of a Nodzzz feel to this track "D+" from the A-side, and on their myspace, but I've been listening to them a lot's not as clean and catchy, it's sort of creating a mood out of being unassuming.
It's sparse a little k-recs cute even, vocally bordering on some 90's English twee, or Beck even.
Until the chorus starts and then it's a whole new world, I'm struggling to even come up with a comparasin it's so fleeting, but it's so jarringly different from the sing song direction this seemed to be going, it's a really interesting combination.
By the time that first meandering melody comes back, there's layers of feedback and noodling from the chorus on top of everything. Then it abruptly cuts out and there's another verse from the beginning that fades out with some backwards sounding guitar on top...very weird. Like nothing from Florida I would ever think of.

If the other tracks there are any judge, then D+ is by far the most produced sounding, in that they seem to be a little in love with the recording process and messing with sound texture, room sound and vocal effects. Very home recorded and spontaneous.

Get it from the Ghost Hospital's myspace or their label Teen Ape records.
I'm surprised they still have some copies left.

Ghost Hospital
Edition of 300

Side A: "D+"
Side B: "Religious Bias in Nursery Rhymes"

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