Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Naked on the Vague on sacred bones

Naked on the Vague to me is repetition and sustained tones, synth and guitar fed through a rock filter. They are definitely experimental, but play with rock ideas and build a solid beat to put weird sounds on.

'Chitty Chat' opens with long grating synth notes and an opposing electric guitar melody that's off on it's own. There's a great live room sound to their recordings which I appreciate. It sounds like a session, not separate elements layered or done after the fact. It's the sound of a group that knows what they're doing and then doing the opposite. The percussion can be drum machine or far away sounding sheets of metal, adding to the mystical...it's like they are summoning something really really bad.
It's reminding me of listening to the two full length Los Llamaradas LP's over and over. When it gets into this pattern with those unintelligible vocals, and I can't explain it, but it just creates this uneasiness. It's not a fun place.
When Chitty Chat turns rhythm it's a little like early Sonic Youth but it never entirely goes rock thanks to Dear Cliche's vocals it's always sounding really aggressive and mostly disturbing.
It's a challenging kind of ritual rock.

It's the kind of thing that will remind you we're not ever three days without electricity away from violence and perversion. There's just no hope with these guys.

Get it from Sacred Bones. Regular or Limited Edition.

Format: 7"
Catalog #: SBR-020
Naked on the Vague's MySpace

Side A:
1. Chitty Chat

Side B:
1. Goodbye Dear Cliche

“Chitty Chat” b/w “Goodbye Dear Cliche” - Australia’s Naked on the Vague return for another two-sider of serious harsh downer vibes. Drum, synth, bass and vocal ferocity from this male/female duo that comes out sounding like a surprisingly more danceable version of Whitehouse. Fans of last year’s Skulltones 7-inch and Siltbreeze full-length won’t be disappointed. The band will be touring the US with Blank Dogs and will appear at this year’s Sacred Bones showcase at SXSW.

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