Monday, April 6, 2009

Tyvek tour single on Disquessteak records

Heard about this on Termbo the other day, Tyvek's latest tour only single on Disquessteak records. Don't know if there's much chance of getting this direct or if you just have to get lucky and check the usual distro places....Goner, floridas dying etc.
I've been listening to the 'Summer Things' track on their myspace and I was forced to go back and listen to the Summer Burns 2x7" (what do they have against summer?) and the sidewalk single from M'lady... because I don't remember them sounding at all like this. This is way more polished overall. Now I haven't heard the original track, this is an alternate mix/take according to Disquessteak, but I'm sure it didn't go backwards in fidelity from here. Vocally it's really clear...up front...the guitars are tracked out....I'm still into it, it's not a complete departure... losing what make them interesting to begin with. They have a pretty wide range of material soundwise and they kind of developed a real freedom to explore a lot of sounds within the garage, low-fi structure. I don't think it's ever clear what to expect from Tyvek.
Is it inevitable that you go from home garage recording to something a little more structured? Was I just in love with that low-fi aesthetic? The slightly sloppy raw quality of 'Sidewalk' that's perfect...but it's more than just a cheap recording...they seem to be working across a bunch of different influences that can't just be summed up as 'garage'. 'Ability' is a trippy number with messed up guitar sounds and echo chanting vocals. Like Los Llamarada, who is at the end of the free form punk garage spectrum, Tyvek works their way back and forth, sounding entertaining and challenging at the same time.

I have to say also I appreciate what they choose as subjects to sing about...sidewalks, apparitions, air conditioners. It's not the usual macho punk complaining. Still I doubt I'll get a copy...oh well let me know if you do.

"Blessed" is not on the Siltbreeze album. Summer things comes here with a completely different version than the album, both rythm and mixing.

Just in time for their first Euro tour with Cheveu, beginning the 10th in Switzerland (check the dates at their, les disques STEAK is releasing Tyvek's all new 7" "Blessed b/w Summer things". The 7" is 600 copies, all white vinyl.

available from your usual distros or directly from us.
still some copies of our first releases:

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STEAK03: The Meatards
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STEAK05: AL Foul

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