Friday, April 3, 2009

Jay Reatard club - Shattered records


I wanted to do something special for the real superfans out there, the ones that have supported me since the beginning, and the ones who are into all my shit. With Shattered Records now running again, we decided to create a Shattered Club, and create lots of exclusive stuff just for Shattered Club members. So with each subscription, you’re gonna get this:
- my next album on Matador album, digitally and LP/CD (your choice)

- a Shattered Club exclusive brand-new 7″
- a Shattered Club exclusive live single 7”

- a Shattered Club exclusive t-shirt

- all the 2009 Shattered 7″ singles (see more info here) (mp3)

- a 25-song version of Greatest Messes, the Shattered Club Edition (mp3)

- my first album The Reatards - Teenage Hate, never available before digitally and hard to find otherwise (mp3)
- and more shit that I come up with through the year, all exclusive to Shattered Club members only So that’s three albums, two 7″s, a t-shirt, six digital singles, and a lot lot more - most of which you can ONLY get if you join the 2009 Shattered Club.

This is one of those things that is going to haunt me in my sleep if I miss it...Jay has started his own label with an insane club. (I think this label existed before? For his early releases?)
I didn't know it existed in the first place to be honest.
Blood Visions is easily one of my favorite albums. The nights spent
coming home from work and just playing it over and over. Tiny... concise, I mean I can't believe how short and perfect every track is. It's easily one of my all time favorite albums...and I had to come around, I didn't love it immediately. I really didn't know where to place it at was kind of punk, but really bubblegum pop...but lyrically it was serial killer dark. It always picks me up if I'm trying to push through and I'm tired...just put on Jay and it's over before I know it.
It's amazing how prolific he's been, and I'm getting into all the side projects, Final Solutions, Terror Visions...he's been rocking since he was 15...and I don't think I haven't like a single minute so far. The new album is going to be amazing. It's something I would happily line up for. But everyone has an opinion, and I swear sometimes people have nothing else to say on the message boards except to bitch. That's the internet for you, faceless bitching, and fight starting.

From Terminal Boredom (Jay responds to the haters):
And for any of you dicks that think I priced this unfairly let me enlighten you s bit

lp = $20.00

single (non ebay prices) $6.50

single 2 (non ebay prices) $6.50

t shirt $15.00

ok so this is just the physical things you "know" you are getting so that $48.00 retail add in the $15.00 it cost me in services charges for the interface to email out the mp3' process your order etc.. And that's $63.00 bucks.. So mp3s for my full length, teenage hate,and six singles is costing you $7.00 .. Which is a fraction of the money that I'm losing/gonna lose doing the vinyl versions (so far lost $150.00 on the novak single) Oh and the "extras" are gonna be much cooler than a fucking sticker or a few cassettes of shitty nose acts but yeah oh well if you don't like it don't buy it .. Or just sit around and bitch about me when the single cos $100.00 bucks on the bay cause his time it wont be my fucking fault ..

Jay seems pretty angry...I mean he's trying to do something super cool for the hardcore fans, and it's extra work, I'm sure he feels responsible not to have sucky shit. I love the dig about noise cassettes. It's funny those weird divisions in the underground.
I only wish there was more vinyl here...that's the only thing
stopping me from paypaling .....for about another hour.

Just a note about the podcast...forgot it's friday and just got back from some time away...didn't have time...just in case anyone cares.

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