Thursday, April 2, 2009

wavves - to the dregs -Post Present Medium


a. To the Dregs
b. To the Dregs (version2)

'To the Dregs' is classic Wavves, if there is one track to play for someone who's never heard wavves it would be this track or 'So Bored' or 'Beach Demon'. I don't think To the Dregs is on the self titled release ... the one with the wheelbarrow handplant on it. I don't know if that's the same one on Fat Possum? Mine is on woodsist...I'm pretty sure. It's getting confusing. I have to say that sleeve pic pretty much won me over. It epitomizes my small town...we had those influences on MTV, 120 minutes, but we were in the middle of no where and they would get slightly changed that game telephone. I imagine this kid kind of thinks skating is about doing handplants on everything....the way you see one skate magazine and try to emulate that in a weird, no blacktop anywhere kind of way. It's the closest thing you get to the elusive cool.
I'm shocked I figured out how to ollie one day. Or someone must have showed me...but I think I spent days and days in the street just 'practicing', hearing about someone in the next town over maybe was you never know. Get a piece of plywood and some bricks we'll build a ramp.
What does this have to do with wavves? It think it's the perfect soundtrack, and I don't know if it's weird I relate to this being a good ten years older than Nathan, I mean I don't know where that graphic came from on weed demon...but that is classic Thrasher magazine...Is that even still around? Or is it just he's way ahead of his time. I mean I hear a lot about what a stoner he is and he wrote these songs high playing nintendo....whatever. It's the soundtrack for this summer...I don't know why it bothers me....oh termbo.
I'm still listening to this album and every other mp3 I can I know I'm going to get this...somehow.

This is supposed to come out on Post Present Medium, but I don't think it even hit the site yet, but then it's already sold out from Zum distro? I found this at Insound also...but can't think of what else to add in that order, and I've kind of sworn off doing that...after doing my taxes and adding up the record receipts I'm ashamed.
Hopefully it's still hitting PPM, and I can snag one.


  1. sloweducation2:30 PM

    i get a lot of cool shit off termbo, but i think they are so off on wavves, i think its just jealousy at this point, but i cant get enough of wavves either, good catchy shit capturing 2009 perfectly for me.

  2. kenny3:26 PM

    If you're ordering from Insound, you can add Brainbombs - Fucking Mess to your order, as I doubt you were able to get in on the first pressing. Maybe not exactly happy summertime music, but it's something to put on when you're all sunburned and have water fiercely lodged in your ears.

  3. Kenny,
    Thanks for the recommendation, I'm going to add it to the cart and bite the bullet...what am I going to do with it anyway, invest in the stock market?

  4. getting more copies of this in...

  5. George,
    Thanks a lot! Just paypaled, can't wait to hear it.