Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blessure Grave triple split 7" on Release the Bats Records

Oh boy, this one is going to make you insane like it did me, Blessure Grave has this split single from Release The Bats, the amazing Swedish label, but as far as I can tell, they are the only ones offering it for presale so far. It's 60 Kr, I can't be bothered to figure out the exchange because I'm sure shipping would be out of control.
I know Revolver/Midheaven, who just updated their site, (wayyyy easier to navigate and find this stuff), doesn't have it listed yet...just the full length from Captured Tracks, which I have to get over to Academy and pick up actually.
There's a lot of comparisons to Joy Division of course, who, if you believe everything you read, have single handedly spawned the last couple years of interesting music. I'm hearing how closely related it could be to Ian Curtis and Closer, but this is an evolved version of that sound, something closer to Bauhaus... that full on beginning darkwave goth era. It's taking a step back to the origins of that sound...I hope those kids I see walking around with Evanescence or Marilyn Manson shirts eventually get a clue and trace it back to hear what's really happening to their beloved genre.
How can they sound so downright evil with an acoustic guitar is an accomplishment, like on '90 plus days' from a cassette release a little while back. This isn't depressing sad bastard music, I keep getting the feeling Blessure Grave is just metal/doom enough to kick your ass. It's that stark and full of alienation...they have to fight every day for this kind of finely honed darkness. You don't ever wake up in a good mood or watch Southpark...I really imagine that stereotype scene of a house full of death obsessed Rick's from the Young Ones.
The vocals are a little Danzig at times, deep echo's, but the track 'Reduce You to Black Smoke' from their 3 way split on DiTG is a truly great mix of this great synth line, slightly distorted vocals, and pure unsettling melody.

preorder from Release The Bats...BG blogged they are huge fans of the label that has consistently put out stuff they believe in, and were their first choice for this single and their full length, which again is going to cost me to import...they are evil to my wallet and my ears. A double threat.

Blessure Grave now gives us their first release on With previous releases on Night People, Captured Tracks and Holidays, San Diegos BlessureRTB. A limited 7" with 2 exclusive tracks that will not be on the upcoming debut album Judged By 12, Carried By 6 (which will be released early 2010, LP on RTB and CD on Alien 8). A perfect blend of post punk and goth, with influences from Danse Society, Death In June and Killing Joke. Artwork by Shawn Reed. 500 copies made, split release with Nail In The Coffin and Grotesque Modern - Release The Bats

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