Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fresh and Onlys Dan Melchior split on Volar Records

Dan Melchior Und Das Menace:
Daylight Robbery
A Delicate Genius Backstage

Fresh & Onlys:
A Taste Of Hunger
Black Coffin

The fresh and onlys have a couple of new singles coming out lately, just in time for the holidays! Like this split with Dan Melchior on the fledgling Volar Records, they still have color and reg vinyl available, but not for long I'm sure.

The Fresh and Onlys have been steadily evolving since their first fuzzy garage-y one. After that solo full length from Tim Cohen, I'm convinced they can and will go anywhere successfully. The foundation of elements are all there, the melodies, lyrically he's great, they play with early rock elements making that unsettling new/old sound. I've heard this before right? Sort of.
The new ones on myspace from their full length are just getting even catchier with sort of that Jeff Novak 60's reinterpretation feel. They actual era never sounded do good trust me...they are what it should have been. Lots of harmonies and jagged cuts, and all with a kind of optimism, keeping it all upbeat. The perfect way to sit down with some coffee and start the day off, I'm telling you.

Dan Melchior I have less experience with, just a couple of random singles after hearing so much about him, I still have no idea what to expect every time I put one on. Then recently he's exploded with a million releases, I can't keep up, and I push him to the back of the line...slow down man! But on a split with the F&O's? Of course I'm in. It ranges from tepid hippy-ish jams to screaming lo-fi distorted guitar solo for 2 minutes...a genre chameleon, all with an english accent. These are a perfect match.

Goner records has it and Academy too.


  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Dan Melchior is english.

  2. sloweducation2:20 PM

    melchior is pretty hit or miss in my opinion. but when he hits, its great. i'd start with his new LP Obscured By Fuzz. him at his most accesible.

  3. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Melchior is all hit for me. 'Thankyou Very Much' and 'O'Clouds Unfold' are my favs...