Monday, November 30, 2009

Peanut Butter Wolf curated 7" box set from Stones Throw

So every once in a while Stones Throw releases amazing contemporary or classic 45's...they have a whole series of just bonus 7"'s when you order Mad Lib full lengths and such, so they don't really make it to the 7Inches much as I want them and eventually bid on them on ebay...If I'm lucky they'll end up in a weird category everyone missed.
Today I happened across this massive 7" box set from Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf and Five Day Weekend records, it's not exactly a box, more like PiL's metal box, a sort of mini calendar to pack these 10 singles in. Haven't seen it for sale direct from ST, but Parasol has it for sale as of 12/1, you've been warned.
From what I understand these are re-edits by PB and never were even issued on vinyl in the first place so they haven't existed in this form ever anywhere...and it's fitting the 2nd great appreciator of all things 7"'s would press this up for sale on Stones Throw. In the area of old school Hip Hop I am sadly uneducated, but this would be a great jumping off point...a little more sad maybe I'm not playing them on two turntables, but I'd appreciate them just the same.

Peanut Butter Wolf
PS, US 10 45's packaged in a heavy-weight collector's tin. The 20 classic hip hop cuts, personally hand picked by PBW were taken from such iconic labels as Enjoy, Sleeping Bag, Fresh, Cold Chillin', & Strong City
$51.50 - parasol

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