Friday, February 12, 2010

Interview with Fuck Montreal

I talked with Alex and Jenna from Fuck Montreal this week about their latest single on Stumparumper, or should I say they interviewed me in a weird way. I was asking the questions, but Alex was kind enough to record it from his end off a speakerphone and reedit. Let's just say it's almost an unreleased track.

For some reason my trusty system went all crazy in the middle of a snowstorm (what does that have to do with the internet, I'll never know) but anyway, it worked out, hopefully I an catch up with these guys in person someday and reassure them I'm not completely inept.

So with that stunning endorsement here's 7inches limited edition speakerphone-fi interview with Fuck Montreal. Download here.

In listening to one of their cassettes 'lo fi', I was pulling songs out for the podcast, and I think the thing that keeps getting me about these guys is that I can hear how excited they are to sing, I can hear this kind of optimism, the sheer energy they put out there, it's all here. Their personalities in (sort of) person were exactly what I expected.

To get all things Fuck Montreal, it's best to either contact pat at Stumparumper, The Radiator Family or hit up Alex directly for the cassette awesomeness at alextheidiot (at)


  1. japanther12:09 AM

    Thanks for showing me this band. I was going to order off the kickstart for Stumparumper that you mentioned a little while back, but I already had an order open for Florida's Dying. It was 2$ more at FD too. I thought I was going to save on S+H ): oh well.

    Just a thought, you should type out highlights or excerpts (maybe even link to the entire thing). There is no way I can listen to any streaming media for at least 6 months, but I am really interested.

  2. Hey, no problem, you'd be surprised how many times I forget I already ordered a single and buy it anyway down the street at Academy.

    That's a good idea, I'll see what I can do and post the transcript of the interview in the forums. Stay tuned.

  3. japanther12:08 AM

    Thanks man. Good lookin out.

  4. japanther9:59 PM

    HAHAHAHAAHHAAH!!! I finally listened to this. Funny shit man. WHO DID THE REMIX LAUGHTER??!?! That shit was gold. Maybe it was just a byproduct of web traffic / lag??? but it sounded so awesome every time there was even a moment of hesitation / awkwardness, it went into remix mode. SO FUNNY.

  5. That was them, totslly funny they took their side and messed with it. I appreciated the hell out of it.
    Those guys were awesome.
    You got me to mess with one of those programs where I tried to dictate the transcript and it was a crazy mess.