Monday, February 15, 2010

New Gold Robot kickstarter project and Sea Monster single soon!

Just a quick announcement today, I got an email from Hunter a few days back about this kickstarter project between him and Graham Hill from Roman ruins. Hunter gives Graham a painting to write a song about, then Hunter paints another painting based on that song, they just keep going back and forth forever. If they reach the 2000$ goal they'll be pressing a single from the tracks that are created, plus prints, and even the paintings themselves are up for grabs as part of a pledge.
I wonder how long they are going to go back and forth like that. I love the idea...he's taking the Designed Entropy series to another level, instead of the tracks being based off a book, he's getting directly involved in the music process, creating something completely unique to the single that's going to be produced. It's more than just supporting an artist and putting the vinyl behind it. I'm sincerely hoping they can pull this off with two more months to go.
Plus in the same email is news that the Seamonster single we briefly talked in a 7Inches podcast is about to hit the shelves shortly, the tracks on his myspace all have a real homemade layers of weirdness sound, with his Jeff Magnum sounding vocals at times... that aesthetic even, it's a little demented carnival, experimental folksongs that balance the melancholy with melody. One track 'Oh Appalachia' is available from the Gold Robot here.

Hunter says:

1... We've just launched our first Kickstarter project. It's a collaboration between the musician Roman Ruins (Graham Hill) and the artist Hunter Mack (that's me, incidentally). We're raising funds to produce a 7" EP and an archival art print at the end of the collaboration. Check out the details and support the project here.

2... Only a couple more days left to pre-order the new t-shirts, created by the illustrious Doe Eyed Design. It's only $12 plus shipping right now, which is insanely cheap. Thanks to those who've already ordered theirs, we should be shipping them in a couple weeks. Choose your size and color here.

3... The next release will be a 7" EP by Seamonster, and we couldn't be more excited. It's really a beautiful package. We will be offering instant digital downloads of the album plus a ton of extras (b-sides, covers, remixes) for all pre-orders once it's launched in the next two weeks. I'll get back to you with further details then. Relevant information and a free MP3 (first time available anywhere) here.

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