Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Death in Beds on Young Lungs Ltd

When you have 300 records on green vinyl, you have no choice except to stack them up in a pyramid..drug cartel style. Afterwards, you should probably pose next to them like a young, modern Hall and Oates would.

The guys from Death in Beds in were playing in the area and of course just pressed a seven inch. I'm the last guy to have listen to this... let's face it...this is deep throat metal, I mean it's just evil. If you're into this then you know you want it in 2 seconds. I'm not going to convince anyone, they aren't going to get new people to give this a chance...that's just the way it is. I think it's kind of amazing bands are still going this direction...there doesn't seem to be an endgame to this...I mean it's gone as hard and as fast as it's going to. Right? But then that can be exactly what everyone says before someone comes along to change everything.
The problem for me is I just feel like a pussy listening to this. I mean I still enjoy (well enjoy is the wrong word...see what a little girl I am?) Bright Eyes for gods sake. If they were both on my ipod at the same time, some kind of police would arrest me and someone is going to jail. But then again I love some Sabbath every once in a while...some Hate Beak...Isis...but I'm not hardcore, I don't know the intricacies of this genre, I know I can rock this shit for like 10 minutes and my old man head hurts, but in that 10 minutes, I broke 3 things and drank half a bottle of whiskey and drew pentagrams in the carpet. But again... I will deny it if anyone saw me.
I scare myself.

The name of the band is Deathbeds ( and our new record, 'No Funeral,' was just put out this year as the first release on our friends label, Young Lungs Ltd (300 'regular press' copies on green vinyl, + 30 'test press copies', + 30 'rejected test presses' w/ alternate art and CDs).
Good luck guys, I'm all for the seven inches of any kind.

These guys are playing the sweet basement of the Charleston in ground zero of Bedford Ave, Sat Apr 03, 8pm @ The Charleston Deathbeds with Easter, Concussion,'s Saturday and doesn't the Charleston have free pizza?
Shit, it's a done deal.

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