Thursday, April 1, 2010

Broken Water - Boyfriend Hole on Krecs

I first read about their full length through Doug who mentioned Unwound and that was enough to pull up their myspace and come across this embossed single from Krecs. It looks like they were mentioned in a demo of the week segment K was doing for a while and I'm assuming based on the strength of that they pressed this single.
I haven't been that interested in Krecs releases sadly for a while now, but the A-side of this is amazing...nothing low-fi, just massive drenched reverb guitar. They can get droney long distorted bass shaking chords, but it's Kanako's vocals that get MBV. It's dangerously slow, but insanely loud. 'SWOYM' is pure Thursten and MBV, delicate delayed melodies with crunchy refrains. A 90's version of The Big Sleep, a huge sound that borders on the goth side of the Cure somehow, really really great. I know exactly what they've been listening to and it's exactly the same things that make me keep buying unwound singles I already have 5 copies of.

Of course they were just here last week down the street at Bruar Falls and Death by Audio. I apologise. I'm going to start camping out in front. Jobs are overrated. Singles are the new currency and this one is easily worth giving up two slices of pizza. Rent is around 200 7"'s so I should be ok for a while.

Get a screen printed Shawn Reed full length from Night People Records.

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