Friday, March 19, 2010

Interview with The Harding Street Assembly Lab

"Why don't we just be the record label?"

I talked to Joanna and Nathan from the Harding Street Assembly Lab a couple weeks back now and tried to get a sense of the amazing sounding community of artists and musicians they're bringing together under the umbrella of THSAL. We talked about the origins of the Lab, the singles they've released so far, Joanna's art for The Late Virginia Summers single, what relationship central Virginia has to this collection of musicians and the various connections of all the bands involved. It's a utopian collective, like the Endless Nest on the west coast.

Herizon kicks the interview off with 'All Gone' and at the end you'll hear Pebble Azalea Starfish from 'The Late Virginia Summers' both available from the Lab contact them direct (hardingstreet(at) to pick up these singles, they're an idiosyncratic piece of central virginia.

Episode 75 (!) is part one of the interview with The Harding Street Assembly Lab, download it here (18min).

They also just released this compilation to sample for free the other day....the Lab is working overtime.

it's here! it's here!
our first compilation, available as a track by track digital download, is up & ready for consumption over at
we are super excited to be sharing the work of these artists & friends with you!
let us know what you think, be it a 350 word write up on the entire comp for your blog, or a simple reaction to one of the songs.
a HUGE thanks to all the artists that have contributed to making HSAL #08 something special:
- andrew weathers
- white laces
- moruza
- brian hall
- goodwill falcon
- starmount
- saskatoon
- herizon
- asentimentalsong
nathan . the harding street assembly lab

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  1. japanther9:19 PM

    My local area. Thanks for this. I liked the variety, yet still had that common thread factor. Like that Underwater Peoples comp from december (november?), hit or miss, but very endearing[highly recommended to ya if you didnt recommend it to me first].