Monday, March 22, 2010

Pirate Love - Little Girls Split on Best of Both Records

Pirate Love.... not a great name, but really does that ever make a difference? Are they handicapping themselves? They're Norwegian, so maybe it's a matter of weird translation or something. They just hit SXSW and released a couple of singles I heard about recently from Best of Both Records and Kong Tiki Records.
Their track, 'Space Doubt' on the split pictured above with Little Girls is the one from Best of Both Records. It's actually posted on their myspace, and is reminding me of a bratty melodic Make-Up, with heavy doses of the Cramps. There's that greaser hot-rod rockabilly element in the warbly effects or maybe it's the massive reverb guitars. Lead David Al Dajani has all kinds of attitude and the live show is probably too big for the venues their jammed into if the promo pics are any indication. His half snotty delivery goes from emotional JAMC to screeching blown out Gogol Bordello - without the gypsies. It's definitely an unusual mix, but I'm guessing like the Replacements, they're out to move the audience and could care less about dissecting how they arrived here, and I can respect that. Bonus points for being on a split with little girls...

Maybe a distributor or two is carrying this, but they might have all sold out at why am I even telling you about this? Because they're playing Cameo gallery this week, the 25th, in Brooklyn and they might bring some with them...

The little girls ... I don't think I've given them enough earplay, their captured tracks single was on the turntable for a while, but I missed the Mexican Summer EP, and haven't been back since...which is a shame. They have a real minimal Joy Division feel on everything, fits perfectly on the Captured roster. This one, '///////' is still dark, with that perfect Cure chorus bassline sound under flat no wave drums. The vocals are always nicely buried, just mustering enough effort to make some kind of sound. There isn't the poetry of JD to latch on too and obsess about, which makes it even darker in my book. What the hell could they be talking about? What I'm making up is far worse. Eventually it picks up tempo and even rocks a little solo which doesn't take me out of it at all...great. I want a full length from these guys already.

Best of Both Records brings you the best of Toronto and Oslo independent music with a 7” split featuring Pirate Love’s “Space Doubt” and Little Girls “///////”. The 7” will be officially released at SXSW. The beauty of this project is that these tracks have never been released before and are exclusive to this 7” vinyl. Only 250 copies will be pressed.

If 7” vinyl are your thing, then you’ll also be pleased to hear that Kong Tiki Records will be adding to the 7” craze and releasing a purple Pirate Love 7” vinyl exclusively available at SXSW, as well. Limited edition and merlot-tinted, this 7” vinyl will feature “Sick of You” and “A Kiss Hello” off of their 2008 LP Black Vodoun Space Blues.

03/26 – Brooklyn, NY – Cameo Gallery w/ The Vandelles and Thee Vicars

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  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    LG have a full length, called Concepts, on paper Bag Records.