Friday, March 26, 2010

Interview with Harding Street Assembly Lab pt 2

It's been another one of those weeks and I was a little late getting part two of the interview with the Lab assembled. It didn't help I ended up at Death By Audio with the brothers Condon from Herizon at a German Measles show Thursday night after hearing about an amazing documentary on underground music they've been shooting for the past year. More on the single from German Measles later, so grateful to those guys for suggesting that show. The Nymphettes were insane too...
So here's the wrap up of my conversation with Joanna and Nathan from Harding Street. At the beginning is an excerpt from the Herizon/Virgineola split, first "Home Again' from Herizon and then 'Boyd's Fe' from Virgineola which was the first release from HSAL. Nathan talks about the importance of local record stores supporting artists, the seven inch is the bands handshake and putting together shows. Get their latest releases from The Lab's site or emailing direct hardingstreet(at)

Here is is part 2 of The Harding Street Assembly Lab. (11min) Download here, or listen below.

EP76HSALpt2 by 7inches

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