Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pumice 'Magnedisk Recordings Of gFrenzy Songs' on Dirty Knobby

I was introduced to this guy way too late, I'd keep seeing his stuff pop up here and there, releases, I just never took the time/money to investigate further, and I've definitely missed out. I love the crazy every sound is valid style bedroom recording. It takes a lot for someone like this to succeed in their own room, maybe record some cassettes, but to take this out on a stage can be impossible. He's seemed to have successfully pulled that off and to be able to straddle both of those areas is a feat definitely. One I don't know if I'll ever get a chance to witness unfortunately. I don't think he's ever actually toured here, but I'm probably wrong.
This single is a perfect example of the lengths he's going in recording....check out a sample on Dirty's myspace. This Magnedisk device is insane, I can't find that much info anywhere online, but it sure makes Pumice sound like a warbly nightmare...he really takes advantage of this insane format to then transpose it to another obsolete format. I have to respect someone that can create something you'll never hear anyone else attempt. Let alone I know nothing about gFrenzy...probably someone else that's going to take another seven inch to get me to look into. For God's sake I just won my first R. Stevie Moore single on ebay. Some things inexplicably pass me by.

I like Doug's take on it, even die hard low-fi disciples are going to have to prepare themselves for the sound of this mess.

Get it from dirty knobby, who I also respect for pressing this for maniacs like me.
Thank you.

Magnedisk Recordings Of gFrenzy Songs
PS, US Bleedin' gorgeous! PUMICE covers 4 songs by NZ genius recluse GFRENZY, & the results will make you want to throw all yr other records out the window. Seriously unique & utterly gleeful warble-fi gems. Stefan says, "It's a pretty rugged record. 4 gFrenzy songs, I recorded it on this weird dictation machine from the 1940s. The speed is inconsistent so it sounds wobbly too. All live all mono. Hope you like it." LIMITED TO 500

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  1. japanther11:58 AM

    Yeah, I think I need this. "Diarrhea-fi"?