Thursday, May 6, 2010

Burning Yellows on Hozac

You know I have to say I'm just a fan of Hozac period, I never know what to expect, washed out no-fi layered psyche, or snotty garage punk, but it doesn't matter. That's why I blindly subscribe...where did I find out about Dum Dum Girls? Through Year 1 of the Hozac Hookup Klub.
Here's the Burning yellows who are not a part of the klub, just out there on their own for ordering, there's a heck of a lot of reverb on both sides of this, the echo-y far off treble heavy guitars, and breathy hazy buried vocals...just creating that daydream reverb sound.
The A-Side Urinal Cakes is a little U.S.Girls, all cheap machine beats with echo layered vocals and holy shit! Two members of the Whines! I've been listening to their 'Hell to Play' full length like crazy! Well that's it, this laid back Dum Dum girls sounding side project is going to be great.
What the heck, I still love this sound, and paired with canned metronome beats is sounds like one of those tiny organ's preset rock switches. Super promising sound from these guys already recording great straight up rock as it is....

Get it straight from Hozac or Parasol distro who says:
Burning Yellows
Urinal Cakes b/w Drought
PS, US Debut single from Portland, OR's sublime & apparitional BURNING YELLOWS. Look for them to continue to daze & mesmerize onlookers with their dreamy, fuzz-laden pop vibrations that will leave you glassy-eyed & converted within minutes. An atmospheric VU-rhythmic throb encapsulate your senses & lures you into their reverberated world & echo-saturated vocals wash over you like a chemical bath

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