Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Deerhoof vs Oneone on Someone Good Records

Deerhoof has long been supporters of the lowly single format and they're always finding new ways to elevate it with something extra like their Matchstick picture disc and always with unreleased material. This single is no exception. The Deerhoof track 'Sealed with a Kiss' is a new version of the chopped up instrumental...I'm guessing, of course I couldn't find it anywhere, but this title is new so I'm sure this is going to be a different version. Not that I'll ever hear it, but that's a different story.
This is great because I don't think I would have even checkout the band their paired with; Oneone and they're a perfect fit with Deerhoof's particular vocal delivery and off kilter rhythm combinations. It may as well be a Deerhoof side project, there's no doubt they have been influenced by these legends who have been paving their own road for years now.

All of this just makes it a damn shame this is gong to be impossible to get, but I had to mention it anyway because anything Deerhoof is worth going to these lengths to get, even if it means ordering from the land where toilets flush backwards and it upwards of 18$ AU (who knows if that includes shipping to the states). Not only am I jealous Christmas is in the summer but they are going to be able to pick this up no problem like the shrimp is on the barby. If I ever even lay eyes on this it will be a miracle.

From Someone Good Records:

In celebration of their Australia and New Zealand tour in 2010, Deerhoof and OneOne team up for a special limited edition 7’’. Loosely inspired by the old-school Jamaican Dancehall 7’’s, this lovely little slab of vinyl comes packaged in a yellow gold slip with a deluxe screenprint and photo insert with lyrics and whatnot. Two killer exclusive tunes - Deerhoof’s Sealed With A Kiss (version) and OneOne’s OneOne Theme (Version).


  1. japanther3:47 PM

    Yeah. I still have a soft spot for that Deerhoof EP, 'Apple-O'. So experimental and crazy, yet undeniably pop. 'Flower'? that song is a classic. 2 of their posters form part of my monster collage/wall of shit. There is a variation of this cover of "Milk-Man"

    However, this version has one of the banana's as his dick. I put it aimed right at my wife's picture of her sticking her tongue out. I'll take a picture of it tonight. Hahaha she hates it.

  2. I saw 'Apple-O' was re-released for record store day...that cover of Milkman is super creepy...bananas shouldn't be knives, and why is that a sexy pose? and what's with Milkmen? Richard James! are messed up! FLOWER FLOWER FLOWER. I love trying to figure out what she is saying, the lyrics I make up are way funnier.

  3. Anonymous1:06 AM

    OneOne IS a deerhoof side project. Satomi Matsuzaki sings in both.

  4. Why don't I ever do any research!