Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Blitz 'Perpetual Night' on Almost Ready Records

It's pure coincidence that this release also happens to be on Almost Ready Records, home of the World's Lousy comps, but I've been hearing about Home Blitz's full length being amazing from Terminal Boredom. I couldn't actually find this single for sale on their blog...might be sold out at the source, or it's just going to be at one of his 3 shows in NYC soon.
After hearing the A-Side, Perpetual Night on his
myspace, I am definitely going to pick this up.

I got a single of his a few years back 'live outside' and I remember reading in the liner notes it was recorded live on the side of the road in some park in NJ, and that basically sold me. Anyone who had the conviction enough to drag a drum kit, amps and guitars and a 4 track to perform a live show in the middle of nowhere sounded bad ass to me. The tracks inside were just what I wanted...raw, barely held together little pop gems, pretty much Jonathan Richman style, one take...literally the thing that has been going on since the dawn of garage rock bands. But God damn if this hasn't evolved into some kind of jumpier, more effected Jeff Novak, all with an early stones blues rock...there's even I think a touch of that piano...awesome. Completely catchy, bare bones, the melody is perfect. Can't wait to hear the B-Side of this one.

He's playing all over NY the next few months hopefully he'll have copies of his full length June 18th at the Cakeshop.

You can contact Daniel directly at ddimaggi(at)gmail.com he mentioned he has some copies on his myspace or get it from
Fusetron who says:
Title: Perpetual Night
Format: 7"
Label: Almost Ready
Country: USA
Price: $6.00
"Perhaps Daniels most accomplished recordings to date. Mastered loud and clear by John Golden. Full color / heavy weight pocket sleeves. If you buy one modern single this year...this be it!" - Almost Ready.


  1. japanther12:06 PM

    That new LP is indeed awesome. It's kind of 'busy', a little chaotic, but there is a playful energy in there too. And on some of the tracks it all really comes together to form something very special.

    I'll send you some (or all) of it if you haven't tracked it down yet. Lemme know. I remember when it first dropped and Florida's Dying sold out of their shipment, basically a few hours after they posted it for online purchase. The caption was "I don't even know why I'm writing this. It's going to sell out as soon as I put it up." I thought I had one snagged, but my paypal confirmation informed me that 'one of my items was out of stock'

    I wonder if it's geniunely OOP, or FD was just sold out of their shipment. I figured OOP because they didn't restock it. Do you know? (many sites are blocked here at work, google is unhelpful)

  2. Haven't tracked it down yet, I hope he's got some at his NY shows...the only thing I saw was the mention it was sold out at the source:(http://testostertunes.blogspot.com/)
    I don't see anything about a repressing anywhere either.
    I'll pick up an extra copy of I see them. I'll let you know.

  3. Home Blitz is great. You so lucky you can catch them in NYC. I've heard they have copies of the new LP at their shows, but if not their are a few copies here: http://www.midheaven.com/item/out-of-phase-by-home-blitz-cd

  4. Hey, thanks for the heads up, that's great they still have it...but I'm going to give myself a reason to see this live and get it.