Friday, June 11, 2010

Black Pus on Skulltones Records

Black Pus is Brian from Lightning Bolt's solo project. Speaking of Lightning Bolt whose recent album I haven't spent enough time with...I just plain respect those guys, there's the whole art school origin, they've been around forever...I think I even heard of them when I was in art school. And I would say there's still no one putting on a complete live show like them. It's still legendary, when I hear Lightning Bolt is playing in the city, it's going to be an event. I'll want to take someone who's never seen them before because it's not like any other show.
Their documentary captures the whole thing pretty well, and that's an accomplishment because it's such a sad way to see them, but it should definitely inspire you to make the drive.
So Brian's got this drum heavy side project, with similar super effected guitar melodies, but this is getting more primitive. Maybe it's the tribal mask, but even the rhythms themselves sound more's a minimal kit, maybe it's true what they say about a sort of universal rhythm that's instilled in us from your mothers heartbeat? Listening to your own? It brings up these questions....basically, it's similar to Lightning Bolt in the same raw, pummeling attack and weirdo string sound. Super awesome.

Brian's trying to buy a house, and isn't that just the excuse you needed? This isn't some kickstarter project...he's giving back in the form of this awesome 7" they already pressed! Even if you don't have a record player, that is a 9 color silkscreen! Do you know how long it takes to do that? Weeks! and there's 500 of these! Brian slaved over a press for 4500 passes for gods sake!
Get a freaking frame already. The guy is a serious artist. Better than any of these crazy messes.

Skulltones says:

$8.00 ppd usa
$11.00 ppd world

Brian Chippendale replaces the riffs of Lightning Bolt with fried electronics, reeds, and gleeful vocals in the rhythmic pounding pop of the summer on this solo single. This is a split release with the Corleone Record Group of Rhode Island, and strays from the normal Skulltones aesthetic featuring 9 color silkscreen blooming toilet artwork done by the artist himself.


  1. japanther1:32 PM


    long time no see.

    Yeah man I him open up for The Boredoms a few years back, and it was intense. Great show.

  2. Hey buddy,
    Too long...
    I will always see Lightning Bolt if I can, consistently bad ass impressive show.

  3. japanther10:54 AM

    Boredoms were much crazier, though. 4 Drummers (all barefoot I think), at least 3 other people playing multiple instruments. Eye was doing his thing, mostly with his SEVEN-NECKED GUITAR! He had to lean it against the wall and hit it with sticks to play it, due to size and weight. Some poor bastard had to keep tuning it the whole show.