Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thrones on Conspiracy Records

Thrones is the solo project of Joe Preston from Earth, Harvey Milk, Sunn O)))...the list goes on. It's impossible to gauge the influence he's had across the spectrum of music period. All of these projects have elevated and just plain reinvented the post-rock, metal, drone worlds. Then he was in Witchypoo? There's an Unwound connection? Insane.
I literally have no idea based on the myspace tracks what the two sides of this are going to sound like...there's some Mr Roboto vocal effects, it's a metal Clockwork Orange soundtrack, it's ambient quiet synth sounding guitar to thundering 40 bpm drone basslines. I appreciate he's writing everything around that dirty low crunchy bass, nothing can sound as evil or ominous as bass vibrations at insane volume.
He's a one man Battles, I wonder if any of this was ever played live? Is this side project over? He obviously is never going to be satisfied already having been a part of a roster of bands that would make anyone put down the damn guitar and go get a job already. You're no Joe Preston.

Get it from Conspiracy Records, don't be pissed that it's in euros...I haven't checked but I bet one of the usual locals disto's has it.

In the early 90s, Joe Preston was a member of drone metal pioneers Earth, a band he left to join the Melvins. In more recent times he's recorded with Sunn 0))), collaborated with ex-members of Karp in the Whip, and toured with High on Fire. After being on the road with High on Fire for almost two years he joined Harvey Milk. Thrones is his solo project in the truest sense of the term: For most recordings, Preston is the only performer. Live, Thrones are a towering inferno of doom-metal, with Preston usually helming a double neck bass, a triggered drum machine and a shelf of pedals by which synths, vocal effects, and multi tracked guitar/bass line emit. This seven inch was initialy sheduled for release a few years ago, but it never materialized, until now. Joe is getting ready to leave on tour throughout Europe with Nadja, so he got his mobile studio set up in front of his trailer and recorded the vocals. This is the first Thrones record in 5 years! Previous bands/projects: C Average, Earth, Harvey Milk, High on Fire, Last Empire, Loud Machine 0.5, Melvins, Men's Recovery Project, The Whip, Witchy Poo.

Also the great Greenpoint Northside fest is back June 24th-27th with every possible venue and band participating.... way too many shows to even possibly see, Wavves at Knitting Fact, The Sundelles at Spike Hill (!?), a Woodsist Showcase at The Music's completely nuts. Seriously, the start of a Greenpoint SXSW. It's so freaking local you're probably going to one of the shows anyway and not even realize it's part of this massive endeavor by The L Magazine. It's not just music....there's tons of film and artsy fartsy gallery events too...they are really trying hard to get you out of the damn house already.
Now, I know you want one of those all access Northside Fest passes, and you can enter to win one here, along with a sweet ipad so you can read the NY Times while watching the Liars at Newton Barge Park!
Where the hell is that!?

It's a good thing you have a new ipad.

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