Tuesday, June 29, 2010

jacuzzi Boys on Mexican Summer Records

I don't know who is running Mexican Summer, but they obviously have unlimited resources and know a lot of damn good bands. Ariel Pink, Kurt Vile, Real Estate...it's getting to the point where I hear about a Mexican Summer release and I have to check my paypal balance. I know 2 things: it's going to be kick ass color vinyl in a heavy cardstock sleeve and... it won't be around very long.
Just heard about this the other day from Weekly Tape Deck and I hope it's not too late to pick this up. Jacuzzi boys have seemed from the very beginning like they were doing things on their own terms...from the middle of Florida. (Thank god for Floridas Dying or we would have never heard of these guys by the way) They're not really influenced by any kind of underground Florida scene...they are the only garage Florida scene that I've heard of anyway. Who's to say there couldn't be a third kind of coast with their own take on surf, psyche and garage.....well here they are.
They sound like they're combining a kind of snotty, who cares punk with a little who cares surf...with a minor in the Velvet Underground...repeat the chords, that simplified electric. It's a kind of laid back single... all I know is the Island Ave single ended up getting played a lot, and I want another one.

Order from Mexican Summer.

Born of the swamp and sun in early 2007, the music of the Jacuzzi Boys roosts like a bad vulture somewhere between the hazy shade of the coconut palm and the fevered neon of the Magic City. This is raucous pop of the murkiest order—jangling guitars, caveman drums, and songs of sex and seashells, dead animals and birthday cakes. Dragging behind in their dusty wake, the Jacuzzi Boys come bearing a string of 7″ singles that did nothing if not forecast the twelve-song tornado that is their debut LP, No Seasons. If 2009 was any indication, 2010 is the year the Jacuzzi Boys come busting out of the tropics, naked as the gator and twice as toothy.

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