Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shannon and the Clams on Southpaw Records

The other day when I caught that Bare Wires single on Southpaw, which is great by the way.... I got an email immediately about this Shannon and the Clams single the next day....Damn.
Still haven't gotten around to checking out their full length but I heard nothing but good things from places I trust...actually I think it's pretty much sold out from the source.
All I could think of when I saw this was Shannon's vocals. It takes this from another garage, kind of punk, laid back, west coast three piece to something weirdly timeless.
She just has an amazing's got all the '50s Spectre girl group sounds, but with a ton of punk attitude. I mean she's almost too perfect to be singing this garage Shagri La's styled song...has she changed her voice to fit the idea of this era? Did it develop in working out this style of music?...or does she just sing naturally like this? It's seriously a voice you're not going to hear in this type of music ever again. She's a complete bad ass without sounding too over the top good....because she definitely's scary how perfectly she captures that 50's sound...but with more toughness...she could have never gotten away with this 50 years ago and she takes advantage of it. You can hear the kind of kind of taking this stereotyped male role in the songs and turning them around. She's just a fucking talent, plain and simple.
It's something I have to catch live, I know this is only going to get better seeing her destory an audience while rocking out basslines.

Get it from Southpaw Distro.

Shannon and the Clams remind me of something straight out of a John Waters movie in both their fashion and sound. On this brand new 7”, the Clams pump out two superb pop ballads and throw in a 30-second surf punk jam to clock in at just under 10 minutes. A great follow up to their amazing LP from last year.
All orders will ship at the end of June.

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