Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wet Illustrated on Corvette City Records

This single from newbies, Wet Illustrated involved Tim Cohen so I had to check it out for today's post.
I listened to Tim's solo album on Empty Cellar over and over a while back, which was really different from the Fresh & Onlys dreamy pop sound and I appreciated that solo he was getting really intimate quiet recordings with unusual instrumentation. He's a hell of a musician for sure, to be working on the F&O's albums and then just going experimental on that solo full length.
That being said, there's no signature Tim sound stamped on the Wet Illustrated. They're going for the powerful jangle from a bassless electric. There's a sort of warble to the strings, it's ramshackle...strung over a metal box with a hole cut out of it and a contact mic dropped in. Well...that's an exaggeration, they aren't getting to the extreme of TNV or's just a sort of carefree sound from the can hear it as a strummed instrument, it's not buried under a lot of it's own feedbacking all over itself. A tiny practice amp and a lot of heart.
Like 'Born Stoked', the A-Side, there's a little bit of country, maybe its just sincerity, like Wounded Lion, it's a nice pastiche-y throwback hint of psyche sound. Lots of layers of echo vocals and a catchy background melody. I could see this working alongside a lot of the Fresh and Onlys's simply bringing around the good time for a visit.

Get it on your turntable from Corvette City Records.

The Debut single by Wet Illustrated, self released on the newly minted Corvette City Records. Recorded by Tim Cohen in March 2010 and mastered by J. Golden.

A/Born Stoked

Pressing of 300

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