Monday, August 16, 2010

Holy Shit on Porous Records?

Holy Shit is right..... just read about this side project from an Aquarius email this weekend, and spent at least an hour trying to track it down....the Ariel Pink internet rabbit hole is huge, and I wasn't coming up with too many answers.
So far, Holy Shit is Ariel Pink and Matt Fishbeck, according to wikipedia they recorded a full length in '06, this could be the start of another full length project coming soon. He's a little unbelievable... the work ethic is pretty amazing...I've only just found out about his collaboration with the Vas Deferens Organization and then the re-release of FF on Gloriette records?!!! I don't know how he keeps track, let alone fans...none of this is in all one place and it can be a little frustrating, but I guess he knows superfreaks for Ariel are going to find it, so maybe it's better if it's a little buried in the tubes of the net.
Nothing sounds better than Before Today at ridiculous volume on a Sunday takes over. It's constantly mind blowing...take away all the layers of pastiche from Oddities, or Loverboy and you aren't listening to the '70s or '80s with wax paper headphones, you're fully all of a sudden in the middle of it. Completely amazing it was recorded anytime this decade, and done with such reverence for the sounds, it blows my mind there isn't a sample credit anywhere on the sleeve.
Maybe that's the new direction for the Girl Talk, ultra sample crowd is to start making those samples yourself and then incorporating them into makes sense, you don't necessarily want them to be recognizable in the first place and you definitely don't want to pay for them. Plus just trying to duplicate some of those sounds in the first place is going to lead you in a crazy new direction.
Ariel is a genius, I love every side project and this is going to be tracked down...somehow.
Can't find any info about Porous Records, maybe it's like Cooler Cat Records in that it was created on the spot for a one off single....

I also came across this Mutant Sounds post with a shitload of the back Ariel catalog.

Thanks to Aquarius, you can actually purchase this:

HOLY SHIT "Rough And Tumble" (Porous) 7" 6.98
We have been craving some Holy Shit so bad for so long! The last time we got a record from these guys it was the mind blowing 2006 album Standing At Two Harbours, a brilliant washed out pop record that predated the onslaught of lo-fi pop that's exploded in the last few years. The band is Matt Fishbeck and Ariel Pink, and together they are able to create music that rings with a stronger emotional quality then many of Ariel's other great projects. Fishbeck really has such a great understanding of songcraft, and Ariel brings his innovative and recognizable sun baked aura to these two warm and woozy songs. The B-side "Priest Fucks Nin In The No-No" might even steal the show, a long and hypnotizing instrumental that we could hear go on for infinity. But the A-side "Rough And Tumble" ain't no slouch either, total understated gem of a warbly pop nugget. A pretty damn perfect 7", now maybe just maybe, could there be a new full length on the horizon!?


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    thanks for the heads up on the new 7"

  2. yeah its really good, and it is incredible, every song he composes is a different project name jajaja... by the way when they came to irving plaza this record blew off the stand people were going mad crazy, thank god i have the habit of purchasing records before the show starts.

  3. Ha...I always mean to get stuff before...I caught him at Mercury, right before his latest. Go get FF on vinyl from gloriette/cooler cat amazing. Hopefully they release all the old paw tracks ones too, they are out of my league on ebay.

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