Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Splinters on Southpaw Records

Southpaw's got another good one on the heels of the Shannon and the Clams and Bare Wires singles, I can paypal as fast as they can release them. Try me.
So here's a new single I had to check out from the Splinters, I think I noticed them coming up a lot in different searches...I even remembered really liking a youtube video they posted...not because it's a super inventive music video or anything, it's just the energy they had from just a backyard crappy show was great, and I reminisced about the promise of certain bands who lose that sincere first album excitement along the way and end up sounding too produced, too stiff, that it deviates too far from why I liked them in the first place. There's something missing the more a band like that records...why was the Vivian Girls, 'Everything goes wrong' album missing something? It was more than being fed up with the sound, because I gotta say freaking Beach House isn't that different when you start listening to the reverb echo soaked effects. I think they suffered from that second album disease where you're trying too damn hard?

'Blood on my hands' one of the tracks on this sounds like the Bangles, and I can't shake it... that slow 4-part harmony, and look at that sleeve! It probably was an old photo shoot from Electra...did they photoshop their faces? One of them should be wearing a pair of those giant prescription cokebottle glasses and I would understand the acid wash. I don't know if this is a sincere nod to th? The tracks are squeaky clean sounding, with raw electric, Matthew Melton at the studio controls gives the guitar that same pop punk un-effected sound. To hear this laid back harmony with no echo/ reverb effects on it? It's fucking shocking practically... Or you found some old Bangles 45's.
Jen Kelly from Dusted has a problem with their lyrical content...and I'd agree that between losing a lot of the energy from that live clip I saw, and this low key delivery ...I just don't know that content makes a song...ever, but it can certainly add to what's going on.
I do know I want to see them live...that always separates the OK from the great.

Get it from Southpaw Records.

On their debut SOUTHPAW release The Splinters show us they are perfecting their blend of 90’s grrl rock and mid – fi garage rock, while wearing their influences on their sleeves with their stellar Ian MacKaye and Carrie Brownstein influenced guitar work. Recorded by Bare Wires frontman Matthew Melton to give it that extra charm and authenticity that Melton is know for.

Press of 500

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