Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mathemagic / Young Prisms split on Atelier Ciseaux Records

Just got word about another great split on Atelier Ciseaux...I'm just about able to spell that without copying and pasting from their website by now. After that Jeans Wilder / Best Coast split, AC decided to make this a regular occurrence, and this single is the second single in this series...two bands I haven't come across anywhere else so far, but are both serving up ethereal electronic shoegaze from across two continents, Mathemagic heavily serving up hall size echo and Young Prisms setting a candlelit scene in Better Off Dead with saxophone.

Mathemagic, 'Breaststroke' on the A-Side has that strong sampled delay sound of Ducktails, the staple foundation of a ringing, bell-ish percussion reverbed into a new sound. That kind of repetition tricks your brain into near ignoring it after the first minute...and there's a lot of other elements finding their way to the surface, fighting for attention, but this essential delayed glass harmonica sound can simultaneously be just there and better than everything else.
Heavy chorus on the vocals give it that dreamy shoegaze sound, with drawn out syllables, it's an exercise in the longest sentiment ever. Sort of Beach Fossils and Ducktails met on the beach and keep passing each other, checking each other out. They might meet, but they're both there for the weekend, so they don't get serious but they think about each other....a lot.

Young Prisms' track 'These Daze', could be related to Crystal Stilts, that attack on a specific laid back reverb...loving a particular pedal setting and never letting go...or it's going back to the Psychedelic Furs, or Lush... Blur...it's got that super slow dance feel, the vocals are right exactly in the middle of the mix, but that goes for everything...it's all on a level playing field, all of the sounds taking their time to fade away...and you know what? I just realized there's no drums on this track. How is that even possible?


A or B Mathemagic : Breaststroke

B or Young Prisms : These Daze

Climbing over a wire fence. Lying down at the bottom of a pool. Empty. Picturing the waves. On old-fashioned tiles.

The Jeans Wilder/Best Coast split 7'' was just an introduction, a magical one. This new record is out/will be available on August 24th. On one side, MATHEMAGIC, children of the wave, Toronto's beaches. On the other (side), the wild YOUNG PRISMS, from San Francisco, who've already released several magnetic tracks on Mexican Summer and Transparent.

A retro sunset printed on a sleeveless shirt. The sound of the ocean on cassette tape. Two contemporary ripples of a dark and/or bright shoegaze.

"These Daze" is a previously unreleased song. And "Breaststroke" was only available - until now - as a digital download via Paper Bag Records.

From the French label that I wish would open a branch office in Brooklyn, Atelier Ciseaux. Using google translation that means, try the usual mailorder distros, fusetron, SS etc.

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