Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mac Blackout on Sacred Bones Records

Sacred Bones recently released a stack of singles/full lengths and I've been slow to catch up to their latest batch of releases but I read this draft post title as having something to do with the sad mac of death icon that used to come up sometimes ...or a lot if you were dicking around with start-up disks and that BS. It also reminds me of Blank Dogs....that generic name...Mac, dog, house, sam combined with a feeling of alienation. Mac Blackout, Blank Dogs....the same end result band name.
Musically he's not far off either...a sort of punk Gary War, instead of the ambient, buried vocals, Mac is pretty upfront and direct in his experiments. I think I prefer this to the sort of lack of direction in Deerhunter...that meandering kind of slow paced jam repeats, there's hardly anything going on. Even Eno I have to say can be fucking never gets me going....sure it's background music...OK, you succeeded. I know that's the point, but it's not anything I think needs to be consciously made. Even something like Mac's 'Cold Hearts Will Burn Tonight', as insane video game blipy mess as it gets it has more balls than all of Deerhunter.
However none of the tracks from this single are on his myspace, so I'm really guessing to the specifics, but essentially it's a sort of home recorded one man project with a Suicide vocals sound. The same electronics caught in a void of era and It even sounds a little like Ariel Pink...if you can possibly believe one single could actually combine any of these references...but it's impossible to place this into a specific timeframe. I have to say that's when these things get really exciting for me. It's not about a trendy sound that's programmed into the latest's been so displaced from a frame of reference that it's new again.
The sleeve says, 'I'm punk', fuck you. and Mac looks like he has a hundred or so singles on other labels, come check them out with me.

Sacred Bones presents a new solo single from ex-Functional Blackouts and current Daily Void man Mac Blackout that sounds that could have been made either in the year 1980 or 2980. “Don’t Let Your Love Die,” a driving synth driven tune that almost goes pop—albeit in a very Alexander Robotnik kind of way—sounds like it might as well have been recorded on an NES console. On the B-side “Sometimes” is a dirge like midtempo song that goes beyond the obvious comparisons to the Helios Creed/Damon Edge orbit and at times recalls Sacred Bones label-mate Gary War and even Mac’s other project, Daily Void.

Get it from Sacred Bones, who has an amazing doc about Naked on the Vague that was successfully funded on kickstarter. Damn.

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