Friday, October 29, 2010

Desaparecidos - Saving $$$$$$$$

I posted a million years ago about the infamous Desaparaceidos single, the regularly went for upwards of 300 bucks, but even the full length just weeks ago went for around 100. I never thought I would listen to the sweet sounds of this Conner Oberst side project on vinyl, let alone ever even hear the tracks on that single.
Then this email announced this morning from Saddle Creek they repressed the LP with the bonus 7"!...didn't see this coming at all.

Desaparecidos made me rethink the entire idea of a modern protest album. They weren't new ideas, anti-suburbia, anti-war, but they weren't ever delivered with this condemning sentiment and punk volume in the 2000's. As flawed or naive as the possibility is, it's completely pulled it off lyrically and musically. Why even attempt this hoarse screaming detail about jeans, SUV's, samples of girls talking about the perfect guy, or a recording of a conversation about tiny towns was a perfect union. I still can't think of anything in this decade that's as powerful as every single track on this album and attempts to tackle politics and social commentary. It's Diary turned outwards on strip malls and ambition. Look at this sickness.... no one can fault this attempt...and really it unfortunately hasn't aged a day. It's fucking flawless from beginning to end. I'm expecting great things from that single as well.

See... I don't see it as just spending 18$, I just saved $382.

Look at me, talking about money. I have no soul.
Desaparecidos save me.

Get it from Saddle Creek.

For the first time in 4 years, Read Music/Speak Spanish is available on high quality 180g vinyl!

AND for the first time ever the non-album tracks from The Happiest Place on Earth single are included as a bonus 7"!

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  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Good record. I pirated the non-album tracks ages ago. Suckers!