Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rapid Cities / mOck split on Love/Hate Records

This single from Love/Hate Records, like the split with Tragwag from yesterday also has a Brickmower connection. Those guys get around, actually just noticed they're in Brooklyn, Nov 4th. Might just have been a coincidence, but I'm pretty sure that's how this ended up in the 7Inches mailbox. This split single is from rapid cities and mOck, Rapid Cities just finished a tour with mOck and they must have played with Brickmower at some point being from New Brunswick, N.J.....N.J. could use more of this polished post-hardcore sound. There's nothing wrong with a great melodic complex foundation, you can be just as angry.
Then there's the title, "Techno After Party?", uh oh. But no, the insert card actually has the lyrics, which completely explained this and added another level to the track. Frustration over a shared bill with people dancing to techno. I get it, I could see this...what kind of scenes exist anymore? Is it all just a mess of genre smashing? or You'll dance to anything?. I like the idea that all of these things could come together and be appreciated on some level....not like Judgement Night, but that there could be a mixed show of guys all working in interesting ways that cross over more subtly. Enough to be appreciated by the other group of dudes there to see it. That's what's great about the Fucking Champs, and even Ween, their audience is all over the place. But after playing a show to a disinterested crowd and they started raving would be make me throw my hands up. At least that's what I'm getting out of's pretty abstract in that great way. Sunny Day Real Estate lyrics.

I'm also not going to say it's like Fugazi, that's obviously too easy..and aren't there any other bands working in this melodic heavy way with understandable vocals? Complex changes where rhtyhms are forced to fit together, almost to see if this is really going to work. It's well thought out, playing on the classic elements of the genre, intricate distortion, off rhythm, unnatural changes. The quiet breakdown, overlapping melody, repetitive vocals over the crunk, crunk of muted chords, that understated buried yell.

The mOck side, from Germany, are pushing this sound as well, testing the complexity of the pieces. I think this math, post hardcore sound is always going to work for me. I feel least these guys are busting their ass, rehearsing, playing with the rhythm structure. I have to put it on another level immediately. I just wonder with a band like reminds me of the Sailors or Bronze situation...they must be a little isolated and have to play with those terrible pointless split bills as well?....but maybe I'm just thinking about that because of Rapid Cities.
They break off into instrumental sections with lots of what has to be fret tapping, it almost feels proggy even. The vocals are even more abstract in this one, but that's to be a little expected.

Solid, interesting, smart post punk rock....And it's $4???!!!! On clear blue vinyl from Love/Hate Records. Wait...who hates records?

Released August 2010
Track list: "Techno After Party" + "After After Party" (Rapid Cities),
"Count / Release" (mOck)"[mOck's Count/Release] manages to create a sense of alarm and heightened emotion while still applying the relatively minimalist direction that they’ve chosen... “Techno After Party” is easily one of the best songs that [Rapid Cities has] recorded... The song simply rocks in a way that good post-hardcore often can." - Built On a Weak Spot

Includes free digital download
Blue transparent vinyl $4 (U.S. only)

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