Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hot Guts on Badmaster /Suicide Tax Records

This is the Hot Guts debut single on Badmaster Records. The pharmaceutical pills in a heart shaped box xerox sleeve could be a warning of something barfing-ly cute or just overly suspect but one minute of the thunder inside and it starts to look and sound like real danger. It's not a found photo anymore, someone in the band probably had this image in mind and went out to execute it. They just couldn't help making it happen in person.

Just when you think the whole world of loud as shit bands can't get any louder, when that wall of sound must have become too thick, that no one could build it any higher, Hot Guts adds another couple of stories. More than anything else they come off like a serious as fuck drone outfit, Harvey Milk style, advocating the aural sludge flow.

This "Ballad of Jon Simon" just completely destroys…and it's the full range of sound that does it. Tthe barreling kick drum and two finger bass, tests the subwoofer while two arms crash away on the cymbals, not to emphasize, more like deathly afraid of the silence.

"Abandon at Leisure" then forces a drum machine into hysterics while the rest glitches away with it's digital head cut off. I would not be shitting you if I said the guitar here sounds like bagpipes. Somehow the pieces come together into a low end recognizable structure, but there's no leisure here. Going down indeed.
"Did You Not go to the Dance Alone?" recaptures the slow defeatist creep of Suicide. Drone monotone with underlying atmospherics has this track coming off like the best sounding industrial era sound that just wouldn't have been possible in the '90s. There was too much promise in the technology, the focus of the "alternative" music world was too much for them, now it just sounds weak and insanely dated. Hot Guts take those same elements and this time do it right. Distorted vocals are somehow quiet, like a dread filled Nothing People…who are creepy, but once you had an idea approximately of where they were going, you could depend on it. Hot Guts, on the other hand, are playing with any kind of expectations learned on whatever track you heard from them last. They can ride the same dark gothic bus as Blessure Grave even, but then make stops for massive energetic fuzz that would make JAMC jealous.

Hot Guts is the perfect name…brief enough to not ever come off pretentious and the natural pairing only brings one thing to mind….they were just spilled.
Shit.... remember what I said about this track earlier?…well, I've been writing through an extended jam with waves of guitar distortion and rapid fire percussion I never saw coming.It's gone completely different. From moody garage instrumental to dense jam. It's a long road that deserves another listen at least.
The vinyl label looks like a photo of a xerox of letraset letters. it's minimal, and full of process. The entire single is a harbinger of the lengths Hot Guts will go at 33 1/3 on a lowly 7" single.

Get it from Badmaster Records.
There's a few left.
I can't wait to hear their latest.

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