Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hidden by the Grapes / Lambda split on Sooder Records

This split came to me through the interweb digitally, because the label, Sooder Records, is based in Graz, Austria… but I'll tell you it's a shame the only way to get this is going to be through crazy overseas import because this needs to be distributed here in the US by someone dammit.

I was not expecting the math, stop/start instrumental awesomeness from Lambda's A-Side, "Weiter Geht" (or according to google "continues"). They start out innocently enough with a catchy, jangly indie guitar and bass which are working completely independently. It picks up into a new time signature every couple of measures to then blow out with big distortion in all kinds of stutter stops and headbanging rhythms. It's one complex intricacy after another, challenge with the dynamics...drop out quiet and come back in huge again this time doubling up on the drum rhythm. They have that pop-post energy of Love of Diagrams and then get Pelican-epic. It's more melodic then just change-for-change sake, the core is going to consistently rock while all the minor chords pile up on each other building to a big finish but you don't get it. They change direction, split off, veer into traffic.

Personally I love any form of this intricate crafting of chord changes and attention to detail, it feels so impossible to pull off. It's like a comic-con and this shit is the anime cos-play girls….and I'm a nerd.

The B-side from Hidden by Grapes (that has to be some weird lost in translation) is a bit more traditional in it's rocking, but it's a great match for Lambda's epic highs. They get just as super rock high. The details are just as present, the elaborate rock changes, but HBG is holding the rhythms out, spending some time drawing out the sustained melodies instead of cutting them off. There's layered vocals (in English, by the way) that come in on this one over a tom heavy arrangement while the guitar distortion swirls away.

Not to mention both digital tracks are worth the download, they easily could have been another equally as strong single. Lambda's "SLB" for example is even faster and has an impossible rhythm that's completely counter intuitive. Hidden by Grapes then goes a little metal with more enthusiastic vocals and pummeling rhythm section.

Get it from Sooder Records for 5 euros, and since the dollar is doing extra great, that's only like 50 bucks. At least you can hear the tracks on their flash player...

Hidden by the Grapes & Lambda SPLIT 7"

The first release on Sooder Records. A 7“, shared by Lambda and Hidden by the Grapes – already the second release for both bands. Each will have one song on the 7“ and one song will be a digital bonustrack. Lambda will please your ears with „Weiter Geht“ on the record and with „SLB“ digitally, both songs were recorded DIY! Hidden by the Grapes will rock with the song „Blowout“ on the 7“ and with „92: Farewell Blue Period“ on your MP3-player, they recorded the songs with Tom Zwanzger in the Stress-Studio. Artwork by Mote Scherr.

The facts: 7“ split vinyl, handnumbered, limited to 300 pieces, 150 of them are in colored vinyl. It comes with MP3-Downloadcode, including 2 Bonustracks.

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