Thursday, November 11, 2010

The next Panda Bear single on Fat Cat Records

Just a quick note today, Darren hit me with the news last night about the Insound preorder for a new Panda Bear single on Fat Cat.
This time they're pressing 3000, and it ships in time to hear it by Xmas day. Go ahead you deserve at least one present for yourself.
Come on!

VINYL FORMAT. Tracks: "Last Night at the Jetty" b/w "Drone." Limited to 3000 copies! Last Night at the Jetty is the third installment in a series of vinyl-only singles, released on four separate labels, previewing the highly-anticipated upcoming solo record by Animal Collective's Panda Bear (Noah Lennox). Highlighting his prodigious production and vocal talent, "Last Night at the Jetty" finds Lennox's beautifully layered, honeyed vocal harmonies morphing across a fairly simple grid of wobbly guitar, a whip-crack metronome-beat and a scattering of electronic sounds and effects. B-side "Drone" takes an even more reductive, minimalist approach, jettisoning the beat altogether with Lennox's long-held vocals hovering over a step-sequence of synthesized tone-blocks.

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