Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aids Wolf/Satanized split on Badmaster Records

Aids Wolf...of all the animal names out there this at least gives you an idea of where this is probably going. If you said experimental noise insanity, you would be completely right.
It's kind of liberating sometimes to listen to something that you know won't be enjoyed by anyone else. It's got very little to do with the actual sound itself... more the very act of just accepting this arrangement, these distorted vocals which can't be about anything pleasant makes you part of the subset that owns this 7" and who can reject everything.
Just putting this on the turntable says "There is nothing that will shock me, and there is nothing I won't try."
You'd also be hard pressed to meet an asshole at one of these shows.
AIDS-Wolf are so anti-establishment that instead of attending the show with a group of murderers and convicts, they are all music nerds like yourself who are just saying "Bring it on." We all can't wait for the band to start playing and clear the room of casual listeners.

There is an entire underground here in one side of a single. A vocabulary a majority of people are probably unfamiliar with. You can grasp tiny pieces, a hint of a repeatable rhythm or a word from the vocal, but it's mostly alien. It isn't ever about volume and just indiscriminate layers of noise. Throbbing Gristle established the art to pushing the limits, you can hear the carefully planned experience they've been crafting. The years of music it takes to get to this experimental place means that should put them at the top of anyone's list. But the problem is always in acceptance and the narrowing base of listeners a forward thinking a project like this inevitably becomes. They belong to that group of singles, I'm glad exists, but it's rare to commit this to careful study. But they've deliberately set it up that way.

The B-Side, Satanized has an off kilter, jazz-math, metal vibe with appropriately distant recorded-in-a-metal-box vocals.
They make very clear they can play, that's the reason no one could dismiss isn't just noise or the shitty facsimile you would hear from a fictional bad ass band in a movie. Why is that always a joke...a bad stereotype when a periphery character's avant-garde music is played? The music supervisor should know better. If your trained in classical composition, you should be aware of this end of the spectrum, or you're worthless.
There's a huge amount of rhythmic changes. I wonder why the vocals stay that same I'm-in-hell growl tone. Why aren't they experimenting as much vocally? Is that the weakness in this endgame?
It's just a statement about the whole noise genre, not Satanized. They make perfect sense and for me have the musical talent to get away with it. I just think if I'm listening, then we've all agreed we're here for the ride, push it. I'm on board...give it to me.

Impressive 4 color screened sleeve with that rough matte ink, smelling like the printmaking room. Purple splattered 33 rpm vinyl...on Badmaster Records, who is also having a crazy vinyl sale, one LP and 2 singles for $15.

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